August 12, 2013

Girls’ T-shirt Controversy

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writing_prompt_genericGirls’ T-shirt Controversy: What do YOU think?

While most kids are planning their all-important first-day-of-school outfits, some parents have gotten really, really mad about a particular t-shirt for girls. They got so mad that the store apologized and removed the t-shirt from its shelves! Why so much controversy about a shirt? Take a look and decide for yourself.tshirtWhat do you think of this shirt? Do you think it makes girls seem like they are not smart, or don’t care that much about school? While there is nothing wrong with shopping, music, or dancing, is it fair to generalize girls this way? All girls are different and unique, right?

Leave a Comment to let us know how you feel about this shirt, and let us know what YOUR Best Subjects T-shirt would say.

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  1. Anonamous

    I dont think they meant it to come out like that, they were problably trying to say something else. But the shirt is a bad steriotype hey some great mathmeticians are girls.

  2. thatonefeministkid

    I see the point in most of these comments, but it’s not saying girls don’t like math. It’s saying they aren’t good at it. I HATE math, but I’m a girl and actually really good at it.

  3. Emily

    I think that their is really nothin wrong with this shirt I mean some people are no good at mth but are good at shopping and dancing and singing i mean i am horrible in math but i would definitey buy this shirt it bsically says nobodys perfect and anyways girls can do anythin boys can do ut we can do it in heels:)

  4. silvertiger79

    That T-shit looks terrible!!! No wonder why parents don’t like those T-shirts!! Why would they in the first place!? If I were those kids I will never in my whole life wearing that shirt. Ever.

  5. pursuitgenius11

    Shopping-Dancing-Music…all involve math in some way. Shirt would have been much better without the “math” part at all…..

  6. Phoenix flame

    I absolutely despise this shirt. Yes, I agree that there are more important issues plaguing society today, but must the media project this sort of sterotype on girls like us? Truly, these sort of shirts are the opposite of what I am. I am quite good at math, shopping is one of my enemies, I am not a popstar in the making, yet I still enjoy singing and dancing. I love to write, I adore astronomy, science is my favorite subject, and I am one of the smartest children in my school, and all of the other girls I know are as intelligent as me and even more! Girls should not be projected as sterotypical whom are ditzy, unintelligent, and just care about their looks. Does anyone else agree?

  7. agentthor12

    I don’t like it. This shirt would be offensive to the person wearing the shirt, as well as the fact that it stereo-types girls. Also, they make it seem as though you can’t like math and music and shopping all at the same time! Plus, they’re categorizing girls who like music and dancing into the same category as fashion obsessed DIVAS who spend all their free time at the mall buying clothes and jewelry they know they are NEVER GOING TO WEAR. You can sing and dance without loving to shop, and you can shop without hating math! There are millions of girls out there who could be out shopping for math books, listening to music on their iPod and dancing to the music. These girls, therefore, would not be able to buy this shirt.

    Ta-da! *bows* I end my speech.

  8. Sarah

    I think it is okay. It’s not something I would buy, but lets face it, it defines a few girls in this world. Not all girls, though. I can’t dance, I hate shopping, and I am a math whiz. I can’t sing either, although I do enjoy listening to music.

  9. bookwormgirl45

    This shirt does create a stereotype about girls which is completely wrong but at the same time its just a tee. If someone is offended by it then they shouldn’t buy it and if someone really wants to buy it and is against the stereotype then I don’t think people should take the tee seriously. there are so many other t-shirts out there which don’t even make sense so why so much controversy over this one