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  1. damaris


  2. greendolphin615

    there are so cute and play flor are u sell one of them i like the puppy are u sell the puppy pleace be my friend then you thell me please

  3. ExplosionAccidentz

    Kitty- Oh you don’t know how to play Patty Cake?

    Dog- Patty cake?No I don’t. I don’t think mum will be happy if we play inside the oven with her burgers and cake.

  4. Mal

    That’s it? Where’s the last frame where the dog slams into you as you both share a hollywood roll, arm in leg, langihug and yelping, down the slope?

  5. aquakitten912

    The two of them is adorable!!!!! I felt like they’re siblings. I like both of them. No offense to the dog lovers but I like the kitten better. He-He