August 16, 2013

China Anne McClain and her Sisters

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ANTfarm1_2China Anne McClain and her Sisters, Sierra and Lauryn

The awesome and amazing China Anne McClain is not only a successful TV actress on A.N.T. Farm, but she is also part of music group with her older sisters (who are both also beautiful like China, as you can see in this video).

Q: You guys are now a group?
China: Yes we are on Hollywood Records.

Q: What was your favorite school subject and why?
China: Probably language arts, English, somewhere I can write.
Sierra: I have graduated, but when I was in school I would have to say Math. I really like Math.
Lauryn: I would have to say English too. I enjoy writing.

Q: What do you guys do to try to save the planet?
China: We try to use less water, but of course I brush my teeth and did all that stuff! (They all laugh.) I don’t leave the water running. I recycle everything I use.

Q: Are you guys really close or do you ever fight?
Lauryn: I would have to say that China and me fight more than anything because we share a room.
China: We fight over clothes. We fight over random stuff. It’s me and my brother that fight.

Aww. They are just like normal sisters!
image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

Interview by Sue Schneider

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  1. Lovalette

    Oh my gosh….. I can’t belive i’m doing this….. Here goes nothing. I don’t know if you’re going to respond to this but, my mom says that I sound, look, and act so much like you and if I do say myself, I believed her. China, EVERY single time I see you on tv I imatate the song in the same way. So when I do that she thinks that you came to our house. She made me type this to you so it would cure my deep shyness. Well I love singing and you can infer that, pls help me get out there as a singer.

  2. soriah

    china and her sisters, i can say that they are a great team to be sisters and they are the best singers in the universe , honestly sometimes i wish that i can be them