July 1, 2013

Ice Cream Month Writing Prompt

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writing_prompt_genericIce Cream Month Writing Prompt

July is Ice Cream Month! Let’s take a moment to appreciate the amazing-osity of ice cream. You take cream (or milk if you’re going low fat), add yummy flavorings, and then you freeze it all up into creamy, gooey, cold refreshment perfection. And you can literally add anything in there, like chocolate, strawberries, cookie dough, gummy bears, caramel, brownie bits, pistachios, vanilla, cinnamon, blueberries, peaches, peanuts, bananas, popcorn, candy bars, gum, marshmallows. . . Oh my goodness! I could go on and on listing things I want to put in ice cream!


Let’s celebrate Ice Cream Month by inventing the world’s most perfect ice cream flavor. If you could create any flavor ice cream, what would it be? Leave your answer in the Comments!
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  1. ExplosionAccidentz

    Hopefully someone does think up one for Katniss.
    I think mine would so be..
    Vanilla-For her greatness(And for Prim!)
    Rasberries- For the battles that happen ;)
    Blackberries- For crazy nightlock!!!
    Cocoa- For her brown hair.
    These would so be her flavors!I already am wanting to make it .

  2. aquafashion634

    chocolate dynamite!!!!!!!! It would have chocolate ice cream,chocolate chips,crushed chocolate candy,and hot fudge! I am drooling just think’n about it!!!!


    Caramelized potato chips, kettle corn,chocolate covered bacon bites, Oreo crumbs, cheesecake bites, brownie bites, extreme sour squares, coconut flakes, Bertie botts beans, crystallized butter beer cubes, white chocolate, macadamia nuts, yogurt chips fruit bobas, mini rainbow marshmallows, mini reeses peanut butter cups, heath bar bits, mini milky way and 3 musketeers bars, junior mints, kit kats, m+m’s, butterfinger crumbs, Hershey bar, pumpkin pie bites, cinnamon, and gummy bears in a french vanilla cappuccino flavored ice cream