June 28, 2013

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

percyjackson2_130Meet Clarisse and Annabeth from Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters movie!

Hold onto your tridents because the second movie in the Percy Jackson series is coming out on August 7 (just in time for Percy’s birthday on August 18)! Sea of Monsters (rated PG) will continue the adventures of Percy, Grover, and Annabeth as they explore more Ancient Greek legends in our modern world. We got interviews with 2 of the actors in the movie who play Annabeth and Clarisse, so here are Alexandra Daddario and Leven Rambin talking about what it was like to make this movie.

Q: Describe your character in Sea of Monsters.
I play Annabeth. My character is the daughter of Athena. I came back for the second film in sort of a different character. Same character but a little bit of a different side of her. You see a more vulnerable, sensitive side of Annabeth in this film, whereas in the first film, she was a lot tougher and more of a warrior. In this film you really see what makes her tick, and you see her sweetness and trength as well.
Leven: Clarisse is the daughter of the god of war. And she’s just like a big, fat, ugly bully. (laughter) And so that was something to try to incorporate into my physicality and into my attitude. I think she’s a really good counterpart to Annabeth in this movie. She kind of highlights Percy’s weaknesses. And she learns a lot about teamwork and accepting help from others.

Q: If you could be any of the characters in the Percy movies in real life, which would you pick?
Alexandra: I mean, I love playing Annabeth. I think Percy Jackson has the coolest powers, you know – the ability to control water. I think that some of the shots in the film where he’s controlling these walls of water and controlling the ocean are so epic and cool. I think that’s a really cool power.
Leven: I also like playing Clarisse, just because she’s somewhat of a normal girl, but she has an extraordinary ego and ability to be victorious. She’s just very able. Percy’s physical power with the water is really powerful. And I think that that would be the coolest thing to have.


Q: You filmed part of the movie at an abandoned amusement park in New Orleans. What was that like?
Alexandra: I thought that was insanely cool. I mean, I had never been to New Orleans before we went down to shoot there. It was so devastated by Hurricane Katrina. And it’s this whole amusement park that’s still standing, but it’s completely abandoned. It was filled with alligators before we went; they had to get rid of alligators and armadillos and bugs everywhere. It’s a really cool place to shoot because, you know, you don’t have to build the creepiness level. It’s already there. So you’re shooting a really cinematic, creepy place. There was a lot to explore. It’s going to look amazing on screen. We did some really incredible stunts on the roller coaster there. And it was a really, was a really interesting experience to be able to shoot there.
Leven: Yeah, it was. It had its challenges because it was so old and dingy and felt kind of haunted. But that was kind of good because it’s supposed to be this ominous place where all the action happens. It’s this cool backdrop of this old rickety thing. And then these amazing monsters are there and these epic fights happen against the backdrop of this crazy old, like, abandoned roller coaster. I agree it was, like, super beautiful on screen.  It kind of had its own story, its own life to it. It’s like a big character in the movie.

Q: What was the most difficult scene to shoot in this movie? 
Alexandra: I love making these movies. I think the hardest parts for me were the night shoots in the park because you start late and then you’re sitting in the mud, and getting eaten by bugs. And it’s either too cold or too hot, depending what time of the year you’re shooting.  It’s a great challenge, and I love my job. But I would say that posed the biggest challenge for me – just dealing with the elements.

Q: In what ways are you and your character alike?
Leven: I definitely think I’m a tomboy. I discovered that about myself a lot to play Clarisse. I was able to really transform physically to be something different than I’ve ever been. And I also related a lot to that side of myself. She’s definitely very prideful. I really don’t take myself that seriously. So it was fun playing up this side of myself that I don’t really have, but maybe I got a little bit from playing her.
Alexandra: Annabeth is a combination of strength and weakness like we all are.  During some of my fight scenes, I get to bring out my inner tough girl. I don’t normally have sword fights where I beat people up. But that’s the pretty cool part of myself that I didn’t know I had, this very intense action hero type. And I think also, I’m weak just like anybody else, and I have my vulnerabilities.  It’s interesting to play both her strengths and weaknesses, and find strengths within her weakness.

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— Sonja, STACKS Staffer

Interview by Nicole Tocco
Movie Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox

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  1. aquaart1315

    I’m a fan of the Percy Jackson Series so I think this movie will be as awesome as “The Lightning Thief”.

  2. platinumcomposing19

    I read all the Percy Jackson books and I really can’t wait for the second movie to come out. Also, I hope it’s just like the book.

  3. First Name Only or STACKS username

    when percy jackson had his powers and when he control water and when he hold his breath under water with and when he fight the dragens and fighting hates

    1. CJ

      Agreed. Friends and I found 80 things wrong with the first movie, and I’ve already found 3 new ones for the second just based on this interview. I am afraid.

  4. horsefairy87

    i love the Percy Jackson series although i didn’t much care for the movies only because its NOTHING like the book other than that the movie was pretty good.

  5. bookwormgirl45

    I really cant wait for the movie to come out.Me and my friends are planning to watch it together ASAP.

  6. bloodhoundbird783

    I wish they movie would come out of DVD sooner! :) I’m so excited! It would be just in time for my bday that the movie came out!

  7. IsisPegasus6

    Omg!!! I loved the first movie!! But, no offense, I was abut disappointed with it because it wasn’t as close to the book as I would like it to be

    1. Pinkathena113

      I loveeee Rick riordan and annabeth is probably my fav character. Can’t wait 4 da movie to come out!!!!

  8. werewolfgirl13

    I have read all the books with Percy Jackson in them, “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” and “The heroes of Olympus”. I’ve seen the first movie and can’t wait to see the “Sea of monsters”.

  9. psychedteal7

    I’m SO excited for the second movie to come out! *does happy dance* Mostly because my favorite character is in it. TYSON!!

  10. sillyparakeet5

    Yeah! Love the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series! Can’t wait for the movie and House of Hades to come out. In my “top things I’m waiting for” list, next to Catching Fire. Ugh…I hate waiting.

  11. afternoonpoetry9

    OMG!!! I love Percy Jackson! I am so exited for the second movie to come out! I own both the movie(#1) and all the books. Alexandra is sooooooooo lucky! I would love to be Annabeth. She is so awesome.

  12. Adventurepegasus10

    the 1st percy jackson movie was terrible and did not follow the book. however, i am still looking forward to the 2nd movie hopefully, there be a improvement

    1. sillyparakeet5

      Hi! Love your name. Do you read the Kane Chronicles (Isis) along with PJO (Pegasus) or is that just your given screen name?