June 4, 2013

Last Day of School!

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Ssc130End of School Activities

Summer officially starts on June 21, but we all know the real start of summer is the last day of school. Whether you are off already or still counting down the days, try these activities to get your summer started right.

Finally, here are some more Would You Rather questions submitted by STACKers on the STACK Back Message Board. If you have ideas for blog posts, go to the Message Board and submit yours too!

From WitchPixie2 and AmberBlack111: Would you rather . . .

  1. Go to summer school OR spend an hour every day studying?
  2. Have hot weather OR snowy weather?
  3. Go on a free cruise OR a trip to Paris, London, and New York that costs money?
  4. Got to the beach every day OR be on vacation every day?
  5. Go to a summer school that’s fun OR have boring sleepovers and playdates every day?
  6. Have a longer summer vacation but fewer days off during the school year OR have a short summer vacation but have more days off during the school year?
  7. Swim in a pool of Nutella OR ice cream?
  8. Swim with sharks OR race with cheetahs?
  9. Drink lemonade OR fruit punch?

Thanks for the awesome questions! I hope everyone has an epic summer!

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  1. shrewddreamtime11

    1 study (computer games for learning counts right!?!?!?)
    2 hot
    3 I’m totes looking to Paris London and New York no matter how much it costs NOTHING WILL STAND IN MY WAY
    4 hey hey vacay
    5 summer school Fun is better than no Fun (Am I right Y’all!?!?!)
    6 longer summer duhhhh
    7 ice cream pool party!!!! Can I get a what! what!
    8 Racing with the Queens and Kings of style and SPEED
    9 Give me an L E M O N A D E What does that spell!?!?!?!? LEMONADE!!!!

  2. BookAmber28

    summer school,
    snowy weather,
    free cruise,
    summer school again,
    during school year,
    ice cream,

  3. venusmystery7

    1. spend an hour every day studying
    2.Have hot weather
    3. a trip to Paris, London, and New York that costs money
    4.Got to the beach every day
    5.Go to a summer school that’s fun
    6.Have a longer summer vacation but fewer days off during the school year
    7.Swim in a pool of Nutella
    8. race with cheetahs
    9. fruit punch
    You guys are so funny!Anyways i <3 ur things.
    At school i have 785 points i got to buy a mp3 even though i have a iPod and phone iPhone 5 i don't like iPhone 5 it is kinda the same as iPhone 4s i had that one.I am getting the Samsung galaxy phone.

  4. purpleclue48

    1.spend an hour everyday studying
    2.hot weather
    3.go on a FREE cruise
    4.go on a vacation everyday
    5.go to summer school thats fun
    6.have a longer summer vacation but fewer days during the school year
    7.swim in a pool of nutella
    8.race with cheetahs
    9.drink lemonade

  5. catgreen909

    1.an hour studying
    2.snowy (snowmen)
    3.cruise DUH!!!
    5.fun summer school (id rather expect to be bored and have fun than to expect fun but get bored)
    6.longer vaca
    7.ice cream
    8.race cheetahs (everybody will lose but at least we’ll still have legs)
    fruit punch

  6. artistictwilight19

    1. An hour everyday
    2.Snowy weather
    3.Free cruise!!!!!!!!!!!!
    5.Summer school
    6.Short summer
    7.Ice cream-Nutella would be sticky
    8.Sharks-They rarely have injured people

  7. minkadventure17

    1: Hour every day, so I can study something fun!!!
    2: Snowy!!!
    3: Disney Dream cruise to Paris, London and New York!!!
    4: (summer) Vacation!!!
    5: Summer School (of games) !!!
    6: Shorter summer…
    7: Ice Cream!!!
    8: Race with cheetahs (in glass lanes so I don’t get eaten) !!!
    9: Lemonade!!!

  8. Nicolle

    Hello Sonya, you are a really smart girl i really like you ideas and conclusions,I would really like to communicate with you on here sometime.Maybe we can be friends.Also I’m a girl with alot of energy.


    1. Nicolle

      Hello again Sonya,I just want you to chat with me on here and be great friends. And i already know what I’m going to do for the summer. STUDY! Just tell me A little about your life.,and I’ll tell you a little about mine and so on.


  9. AmberBrown358

    Hour studying
    Snowy Weather
    Trip to Paris,London, and New York that costs money
    Summer School
    Longer Summer Vacation
    Ice Cream

  10. yellowsports5

    2 Hot Weather
    3 Free Cruise
    4 Beach
    5 Neither!!!
    6 Longer Summer!!!!!
    7 Ice Cream
    8 Sharks
    9 Lemonade
    10 Where’s the 10th!!!!!!!

    1. minkadventure17

      10: Would you rather:

      Be in a wave pool that makes tsunamis for an entire day? OR Jump off a 50-foot high diving
      board into a 12-foot pool?

  11. Sofia

    1.Spend an hour every day studying
    2.Snowy weather
    3.Free cruise
    5.Summer school
    6.Long summer vacation
    7.Ice cream