May 6, 2013

School Dress Code Writing Prompt

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Writing_prompt_bananaSchool Dress Code Writing Prompt

Just about every school has a dress code of some kind. Some schools have uniforms and are very strict about them. Some schools have uniforms, but there is room for some creative expression as long as you follow the rules. Some schools don’t allow tank tops or shorts. Some schools don’t allow hats.

Today’s Writing Prompt puts the school dress code question to you. How do you deal with your school’s dress code? Is it possible to follow the rules and still show your own unique style?

How do you dress for success at school? Leave your answers in the Comments!

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  1. Anonymous

    I also can only wear school jackets or red, gray, black, or navy jackets to school with no logos (only school logos allowed).
    For free dress days we:
    have the same shoes and socks rule
    shirts can’t be tank tops
    no band tees other than christian ones
    no fringe or frayed jeans/cutoffs

  2. Anonymous

    The thing that stinks is that I have to wear uniforms, a plaid shirt and polo shirt everyday :(
    We also have a PE uniform.
    We can only wear black, white, or navy socks
    We cannot wear boots or sandals
    Our socks must show above our shoes
    Our shirts/shorts/skorts cant be shorter than 3 inches above knee
    :( ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  3. arabella

    homeschooled but I still dress up like I would if I were going to parents wont let me wear “distracting” clothing though.

  4. Atira

    Sport shorts, cowboy boots, anything sounds good to me. I know dress code, well I have always dressed appropriately because it’s my religion but I think the school made a good decision with dress code. As long as there are no uniforms involved. :)

  5. dasia

    we can wear anything we want except for things that display blood or violence and that is for Halloween too and we can’t wear flip flops

  6. d

    yes it is possible to follow th dress code at school becuase the only thing we are not allowed to wear is tank tops ( BUT I STILL DO ), really short shorts agian ( WE STILL DO ) and i love my school dress code because you still look your best for school and dress your style. OHHH AND I REALLY HATE THE SHORT SHORTS ELLLKKK!!!!

  7. volleyball105

    we have to wear uniforms,but we can add jewelry, sweaters, jean jackets, and just accessorize our uniforms. if we don`t have any uniforms washed we can wear shirts in the colors of red, navy blue, and white. we can also wear school related shirts like after school activities shirts. we can wear any types of shoes. we also have dress down days every other friday

  8. elfheroine1

    Well, I used to go to a charter school and we could only wear uniforms, except on Friday you could pay a dollar and wear whatever you want.

    BUT! Now I’m home schooled, so I can wear whatever I want all day long! (even my PJ’S :D )