May 6, 2013

School Dress Code Writing Prompt

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Writing_prompt_bananaSchool Dress Code Writing Prompt

Just about every school has a dress code of some kind. Some schools have uniforms and are very strict about them. Some schools have uniforms, but there is room for some creative expression as long as you follow the rules. Some schools don’t allow tank tops or shorts. Some schools don’t allow hats.

Today’s Writing Prompt puts the school dress code question to you. How do you deal with your school’s dress code? Is it possible to follow the rules and still show your own unique style?

How do you dress for success at school? Leave your answers in the Comments!

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  1. Victoria

    My school doesn’t have many rules. The only rules are at least two fingered tank tops, no hats, and finger tip length shorts. Not that bad!

  2. lavendergymnastics33

    I have uniforms. What I really like is that they let the girls wear crazy tights. Like stripes,polka dots and flowers crazy tights. So I show my personality in school projects and in my tights.:)

  3. laptopfashionista10

    my school doesn’t let anybody wear shorts or skirts above the tips of your fingers if you put them down, spaghetti straps, open-toed shoes, and crop tops. the bad thing is that almost every teacher breaks the dress code, but when we break it we get sent home. ):

  4. sam

    I go to a school were we have!! to wear uniforms every!! day!!. I feel as though we have no room for our own creativity and style.

  5. ta1224

    In my school you cant wear really short shorts(has to be, when you put your hands down, past your fingertips) and spaghetti strapped tanktops.

  6. rascalsoccer seven

    i have a dress code and some people dont understand what to wear they dont think its seruios but it is

  7. Shaundra

    At my school, shorts must come to ur fingertips and tank tops must be at least 3 fingers. This makes it hard 4 people with long arms (like me) 2 find appropriate shorts, then u c people with shorts half ur length because their arms r super short and it’s annoying. We also have the rule about no mid-drifts or bra straps showing and no explicit messages. But the popular kids get away with breaking dress code, but if anybody else breaks it, they get told to go change. In grade 5 I switched schools and got told off for wearing a too-short skirt when I didn’t know about the rule. The same skirt was fine at my old school because they weren’t strict about dress code. The funny thing is that both schools had the same approved dress code, one school was just more strict about it. I think that if the district school board has a board-wide dress code than all the schools should show the same strictness towards it. Then it would make transitioning between schools easier. You wouldn’t have to worry about ur shorts being too short at a new school when they were fine at your old school.

  8. Aquaicecream15

    I don’t have dress code. But, we’re not allowed to wear spaghetti straps and we use the bend over rule for shorts

  9. Madison

    My school has a uniform :( . We have to wear dresses and polos under it. Our shoes are pretty ugly they are bucks…. I feel like i need more freedom of expression at my school though. The only way i can express myself at school is by the color shoestrings i have and i can chose from three colors of spandex to wear under my dress. It sorta stinks….

  10. turquoisecat99

    my school doesn’t allow tank tops with really thin straps or short shorts it also doesn’t allow things that show your belly
    I just make sure I only buy the trendy things that follow my dress code it is easy to do

  11. fashionfairy159

    i do not get it either. the girl is friends with every one but on her friend list i can’t find me or my school friends acounts.

  12. Makenna

    My school dress code is pretty relaxed -no tank tops, short shorts, hats, or sunglasses- so we can pretty much wear what we want.

  13. keaarah

    We have no uniforms at our school.We have a liberal dress code. We cant wear hoods or hats or t-shirts that advertise alcohol or tobacco.
    I love to wear stylish clothes. I’m really glad we don’t have to wear uniforms.

  14. Dakota

    i have a dress code where you wear uniforms but you get used to them. You can where a hat outside but not inside a classroom. Dress code is very easy to get used to.