May 6, 2013

School Dress Code Writing Prompt

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Writing_prompt_bananaSchool Dress Code Writing Prompt

Just about every school has a dress code of some kind. Some schools have uniforms and are very strict about them. Some schools have uniforms, but there is room for some creative expression as long as you follow the rules. Some schools don’t allow tank tops or shorts. Some schools don’t allow hats.

Today’s Writing Prompt puts the school dress code question to you. How do you deal with your school’s dress code? Is it possible to follow the rules and still show your own unique style?

How do you dress for success at school? Leave your answers in the Comments!

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  1. dancing dancing623

    my friend wears shorts every day she never gets in trouble but not to be a copy cat but i did it once and i got in trouble. my question to you is how would you handle that? also check me out on my profile and friend me

  2. athenafearless58

    My school has a strict dress code, and as a future fashionista, I hate it! But I fix it by wearing cute shoes and bracelets, and having a stunning personality, because after all, your personality is your best accessory!

  3. brea

    at my school we have dress codes we can’t wear hats or tanks or shorts but the way i make my outfit awesome is i make it all crazy so i can be noticed by people and hopefully we can wear tanks shorts and hats!!

  4. tammy

    school is fun when you can dress up as anything ! in my school at the last Friday of the month I can do that ! totally awesome .