May 6, 2013

School Dress Code Writing Prompt

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Writing_prompt_bananaSchool Dress Code Writing Prompt

Just about every school has a dress code of some kind. Some schools have uniforms and are very strict about them. Some schools have uniforms, but there is room for some creative expression as long as you follow the rules. Some schools don’t allow tank tops or shorts. Some schools don’t allow hats.

Today’s Writing Prompt puts the school dress code question to you. How do you deal with your school’s dress code? Is it possible to follow the rules and still show your own unique style?

How do you dress for success at school? Leave your answers in the Comments!

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  1. jada 5

    what do you do when you are outside. who is the avatar next to yours with the purple hat on and tell her that jada does not know you at all so can you plesese tell her that she will know me the next time iadd a comment to you ok write back ifyou can ok bye.

  2. AnonymousJJ

    My school doesn’t have a dress code… I’M SOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!! :-) My sister can wear her Halloween costume to school yeah she’s lucky, I’M SOOOOOOOO GLAD I DON’T HAVE A DRESS CODE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Rodajha

    we do have a dress code at my school we have to wear uniform and if we do not follow it we get sernt home or i parent come with a change of clothes for us to wear

  4. Maddie B

    I have a dress code at my school:
    - No hats
    - No shirts that show out stomachs
    - If our shorts are shorter than where your fingertips meet your thighs when you put them staight down, they are too short
    - No shorts after October 25th
    - Tank tops have to be the width of three of you fingers or more
    -No leggings unless they are under a dress, skirt, of shirt that is long enough to cover your bottom
    - If we have holes in our jeans, you teacher will send you to the office, and the principal will duct tape them

    I always say: When in doubt, don’t wear it!!!
    :) Maddie B

  5. john junior

    i dont think schools should even have uniforms like my i do not like it there have to wear navy blue and khaki pants every school day wierd . my old school had no uniform dress how u want but here in my state now not the case . kids should express thierself its not something the school should disobey we have the right.
    uniforms = not cool somebody do something about it i need a fashion police .even i dont make it work

  6. 323

    My school requires a uniform. (polo, kakis, dress shoes) However I really like it because I do think it enhances the academic experience.

    1. emma

      at my school there is no open toed shoes, no cut off shorts, no rips in shorts or jeans or shirts, no spaghetti straps, your shorts have to be 4 inches above the knee, your pants cant sag even if you cover it with your shirt, you cant see any of your under-garments, you cant see any of your stomach or back in your shirt, and the pictures on shirts have to be school appropriate which means no guns no bombs no profanity or any words that give the idea of profanity, or you have to change into your PE clothes