May 20, 2013

Create a Caption: Filly Puppy

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CreateacaptionCreate a Caption: Filly Puppy

Is that a dog or a frog?! Check out the tongue on Filly! It's got to be the longest dog tongue ever! I bet touching her tongue to her nose is no problem (I'm kinda jealous – I’ve always wanted to be able to do that). If I had to come up with a caption for this photo, I think it'd be this:


“Is that the best you've got? You do know that my tongue is a weightlifting superstar, don’t you? Tennis ball? Way too easy. Gimme a basketball. This isn’t Little League. Gimme something I can work with.”

What do YOU think Filly is doing or saying in this photo? Share in the Comments!

En-Szu, STACKS Intern (a.k.a. MidnightMagic5)

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  1. Fuschiaaphrodite27

    “I wonder how this tennis ball tastes…. only one way to find out!” *gross licking sound*

  2. Alexandra

    yo, doggy listen up I can touch my tongue to my nose AND my eyes. so if you want a challenge meet me a the dog park at 12:00

  3. ablekoi12

    “Hey, hey, take a pose with my prized tennis ball! Don’t worry, it’s not like I’m going to lick you… SLURP!!”

  4. Katy

    That should go in Guiness World Records for dogs longest tounge. Then again, our dog’s tounge is almost, if not longer than that too.

  5. goathawk8

    So adorable;That is because he/she is so small:D I love small dogs!He/she is one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen in my entire life!:D

  6. presidentdreamer8

    Here is the ball. Throw it and I catch it. Do it NOW!!! PLEASE!!! I am sticking my tongue out and being VERY cute! Well… at least I think i am.