April 22, 2013

Writing Prompt: You Know a Book Is Really Good When

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Writing_prompt_bookWriting Prompt: You know a book is really good when . . .

We've all done some crazy things for the love of books.

  • Stayed up past midnight to finish the last chapter.
  • Snuck a flashlight under the covers.
  • Waited in line for hours for a new release.
  • Dropped mashed potatoes or smeared chocolate on the pages because we couldn't be bothered to stop reading to . . . eat.

Crazy, right? So for today's Writing Prompt, inquiring minds want you to finish this sentence:


Leave your answer in the Comments below. We can’t wait to see what you guys say!

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

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  1. dogbird758

    When you read while you eating and you just can`t put the book down!(It`s kind of hard to turn the pages though.)

  2. athenagirl25

    You know a book is good when….
    you feel as if you are living it.
    never stop loving it even when people forget about it
    if some one makes fun of the book you protect it like it was yourself.
    cry when the series is finished.
    Force all your friends to read it.
    Talk bout it nonstop.
    when you daydream and dream about it.
    Fall in love with the characters.
    know the book better than yourself.
    cry when anyone dies in the book.
    You believe everything in the book.
    stay up late reading.
    get in trouble for not stop reading.
    you feel yourself locked inside as if its happening around you
    imagine yourself as one of the characters
    if they made a movie out of the book and ruined it you yell at the tv and almost break the remote.(this is what happend with percey jackson the lightning thief)

  3. b

    you know a book is really good when you can’t put the book down to go to the bathroom.The only time when you want to put the book down is when you have to go get some kleenx to blow your nose in or to get some glasses becouse you can’t see well from readding to much for me the only time i put the book that i’m readding down is when i hear the oven go off becouse ther’e are some tacos in the oven.

  4. codeposeidon1

    you know a book is good when you bring it to the restaurant and read under the table. you know a book is good when you bring it wherever you go. you know a book is good when your sad it’s the last page and beg for the next book.( if it’s a series)You know a book is good when…to much! i’m reading one right now

  5. joshua

    i can not stop reading. i wish i could be in the book and stay there for the rest of my little life but see my famly too.

  6. Tania

    You know a book is really good when the book gets exciting and scary and when on the edge of your seat

  7. m

    you stay up all night to read in then your parents walk in and tell you to go to sleep so you do.right when you get up the book is on your mindso you start reading.

  8. Sam D.

    A is good when you want to read the whole series. When the last book that is in the series .You want to read it all over again and again. Then when you find anther book that has a series that you want to read the whole series. It just keeps going on and on and on. Every school year you just keep doing it all over again and again.

  9. chris

    you know a book is really good.when you cant put it down or even when its the end and you read it again and again and again

  10. kyia s

    you know a book is really good when you start reading and by the time it’s your bed time your on page 196(if your book has that many pages.)