April 22, 2013

Writing Prompt: You Know a Book Is Really Good When

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Writing_prompt_bookWriting Prompt: You know a book is really good when . . .

We've all done some crazy things for the love of books.

  • Stayed up past midnight to finish the last chapter.
  • Snuck a flashlight under the covers.
  • Waited in line for hours for a new release.
  • Dropped mashed potatoes or smeared chocolate on the pages because we couldn't be bothered to stop reading to . . . eat.

Crazy, right? So for today's Writing Prompt, inquiring minds want you to finish this sentence:


Leave your answer in the Comments below. We can’t wait to see what you guys say!

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

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    1. jasha

      Write your comment here…you know a book is really good when…i stay up all night trying to finish the whole thick book i just checked out or when i get mad at my sister and my bro for disturbing me while i’m reading.

  1. DarkAmber101

    When you and you brother and your mom are fighting over the books when you want to read it and you just keep reading it over and over and over again and you think about it all the time and you can’t stop acting like the characters.
    True story with the Harry Potter books!

  2. amberkite7

    You know a book is really good when you forget to bring your lunch to school because you are still thinking about it. (I did that…)

  3. Aliyah

    you know when a book is good when you are in love with one of the main characters!!! AKA Peeta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  4. Nya

    You know a book is good when you feel yourself locked inside of the story as if you are living in the book you are reading. You can feel your armpits sweat when the dragon in your story lurks towards you as it creeps out of its cage. You cry when you find out Mary is sick. And thats not all, you even go rampading through the house when you find out Nicky made it into the college she wanted to go to. See, if you react to a book this much, you know its good!:)

  5. Blueartemis48

    A book is awesome when you stay up in the night in bed reading even though your parents told you to sleep. Also when you cannot stop thinking about how you want to read the next book in series.

  6. Kristen

    I know a book is really good when I want to read it if I don’t want to I know I don’t like the book I am reading.(That is happening with this one book Among The hidden it is so boring it makes me want to never read it.)I am also reading this really good book I know its good because I like to read it.

  7. Adventurepegasus10

    You know a book is really good when…
    you do a lot of research on it
    Learn about the author
    Act like the characters
    Use character quotes
    That all started from Harry potter

  8. James

    You know a book is really good when you get to the last page and you’re like “no way, there has to be more,” so you start looking for the next book and you realize your older brother doesn’t have it, and your Mom and Dad don’t have it, and you have to wait all night before you can go to school and check the library for it and you’re like “aaahhhh!” So you just eat broccoli and go to bed instead.

  9. Cutie3500

    You know a book is good when you get so attached to it and the characters, you want it to never end, and will end up constantly revisiting it and the characters like they were your own family. Which sometimes, they can be. When I had some rough times at school, I would always go to Harry Potter and read, losing myself in it. That’s how you know you have a good book.

  10. Isis

    You know a book is really good when you cry for days because the main person died in the end. ( Been there done that, )