April 26, 2013

Writing Prompt: Ways to Irritate Me

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Writing_prompt_shout-outWriting Prompt: Ways to irritate me!

Making those annoying farting noises.

Borrowing my stuff without asking.

Talking about me behind my back. (Oh no, you didn't!!)

Changing my alarm ringtone to "Gangnam Style."

These are surefire ways to irritate me. What about you? We know you wanna get it off your chest . . . so go on! I’ll bet we all have a lot more in common than we think!


Leave your answer in the Comments below!

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

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  1. aquaactor57

    -Potty Humor
    -Using words like “totes”, “bestie”, Adorbs, LOL” in real life.
    -Saying you like a band just because of their looks.
    -SInging icona pop loudly
    -too much swearing

  2. aquafashion634

    1. people talking bad about me behind my back 2.people doing insane things just to get attention 3.people making annoying noises in class 4. someone playing “I LOVE IT” by icona pop on the radio over and over 5. when someone spoils the ending to a movie I’ve been waiting to see for a long time 6.people swearing when little kids are around

  3. ridingdetecting11

    also my sister ran screaming around the house yelling who my crush is (thank god my friends weren’t over if they were I would curl up somewhere and die)

  4. ridingdetecting11

    one time I let my friend borrow 1 of my books about a year later I asked her when she’d give it back she was like, “oh I thought you said I could keep it” then she gave it back and it looked like it had been sabotaged.

  5. mermaidhorse18

    when people call me midget or when i try to help my bff and people say “what you gonna do shorty!” it makes my mind explode!!!

  6. presidentdreamer8

    ways to irritate me:copying what i say (kids do that A LOT to me in school),people saying i am gross,people say i am crazy because i like to joke around,and people talking or singing when i am doing a test or doing math. that make me SO irritated so DON’T do those things to me!