April 26, 2013

Writing Prompt: Ways to Irritate Me

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Writing_prompt_shout-outWriting Prompt: Ways to irritate me!

Making those annoying farting noises.

Borrowing my stuff without asking.

Talking about me behind my back. (Oh no, you didn't!!)

Changing my alarm ringtone to "Gangnam Style."

These are surefire ways to irritate me. What about you? We know you wanna get it off your chest . . . so go on! I’ll bet we all have a lot more in common than we think!


Leave your answer in the Comments below!

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

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  1. athenagirl25

    ways to annoy me:
    book spoilers
    mixing Greek and roman gods
    when people say they hate someone and they dont
    asking me why i am mad repeatedly because i am quiet
    calling me a nerd because i read
    making fun of the books i am reading
    hiding my stuff

  2. Geek.Chick

    I am usually a very calm person but there are some things that REALLY tick. me. off!
    - When people decide it’s ok to hold a conversation with me while i am obviously trying to read
    - When people snatch my book away because they want me to pay attention, you could just ask!
    - when people invade my bubble and think it’s ok
    - when people are inconsiderate of introvert feelings
    - when people hate without knowing the whole story
    - when people skip books because of their size
    - unreasonable vulgarity
    - littering
    - obnoxious laughing/giggling
    - racism/stereotyping
    - when people go through my stuff and aren’t decent enough to put the stuff where it belongs
    - when people deny their intellectual abilities without even trying
    and finally
    - repeating something on purpose when i specifically and seriously asked them to cease.

  3. Brandon

    What irritates me is when people laugh when you are being funny and they take it the wrong way and make fun of you when you say or do somthing that you thought was funny and realise how bad it was.

  4. John

    Things that irritate me are, people not spelling things correctly, kids that talk during a test/quiz, and having something on the tip of my tongue but I cant remember it.

  5. Logan

    I like making farting noises.
    I also don’t care if people are talking about me behind my back. I do go along with not liking when it when people use my stuff with out asking though.

  6. S

    When my mom makes me clean on the weekends. Also when my dog goes to the bathroom on my stuff! I get so mad!

  7. climbingbloodhound61

    #1 talking loud
    #2 chomping loud
    #3 taking my stuff
    #4 acting like they like someone i like

  8. IsisPegasus6

    Oh ya telling me to stop reading is like telling me to stop breathing. Seriously, don’t ask me to stop reading. I hate it when your friends get all sacked out just because of a guy I like. Not that big of a deal. I also really hate it when ppl insult 1D and Taylor Swift. Or when directioners insult swiftness or vise versa. It is really annoying.

  9. IsisPegasus6

    Thx u to all he ppl out there who said it irritates you when ppl get Greek and Roman gods mixed up. That is really annoying. I also really hate when ppl say shush when they’re the ones talking that’s not cool.

  10. Zaynab

    Here are some of the most TERRIBLE things to me, if I even THINK about them, I cringe:
    1. When people say bad things about One Direction
    2. Bad acting
    3. When people act sensitive
    4. Girly stuff
    5. Nails on a chalkboard.
    Okay, that’s all I can think of right now, BTW, the first two are the two WORST ONES OF ALL TIME.. lol just saying.

  11. baseballsoftball22

    making annoying noises and getting in my face. Acting like you know everything , being a brat ,being dramatic, being a pain, and being mean.

  12. wolfcat69

    .People taking stuff that don’t belong to them
    . Boys annoying me (and some girls)
    . Getting bad grades (you should get good grades)
    .people going through my stuff without my permission
    . people barging into my room without my permission
    . people bothering me/ nagging me

  13. pearpearthe14th

    Ways to annoy me:
    -come into my bedroom and then leave the door halfway open when you leave
    -insult Vampire Knight
    -say anime and manga is “weird”
    -tell me my clothes don’t “match”
    -bother me when I’m trying to read a book
    -reply to a nice long text I sent you with one single word
    -say/do/sing anything to do with One Direction
    -bother me about my vegetarianism
    -stand too close to me
    -interrupt me
    -judge me
    -if someone hunts/eat meats/abuses/generally just don’t respect animals . . . that will probably annoy me
    -long jean skirts.

  14. midnightheart6

    for me its:
    ♦when parents embarrass me in front of alot of people or especially my friends
    ♦when someone is explaining something to me and tries to use smart words and act like she is 5 years older than she really is
    ♦when my friends are keeping a secret on who i like but when he passes by me they always say Hi….they make it so obvious because he is not friends with my friends :l
    ……i guess thats not it but all i can think of