April 3, 2013

Jessie Star Answers Your Questions!

Karan130Karan Brar from Jessie Answers Your Questions!

You know Karan as Ravi, one of the newly adopted children into the ultra-rich Ross family on Jessie with Debby Ryan, and as Chirag Gupta in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies. (“Stop! Good God, man, you almost got the CHEESE TOUCH!”)

Jessie_600wKaran grew up in Redmond, Washington, but his family is originally from Punjab, India. What he loves most about portraying the first ever regular Indian character on a Disney show is the ability to incorporate what he has learned from his own family, and from his visits to the country back into his role as Ravi.

Karan loves collecting comic books, hiking, free running, and watching old movies with his dad. He also raps for fun, and listens to 21 Pilots, and Andy Grammer.

AND, he answers fan questions! Click here to read his answers to STACKS fan questions.

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

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  1. BB

    I want to tell you that you are very special to me. I’m from Argentina and I miss you so much … I am far from you and my idols. sorry; I speak English but not very well. I live in Argentina.
    My question for you is:
    What is your favorite day of the week??
    Can you tell me something in Spanish??
    Would you like travel to Argentina?
    favorite subject?
    I love you! .x

  2. smartprincess1

    I think he’s very good at acting! I loved Chirag in the Wimpy Kid movies, and on Jessie he is very funny!

  3. Najeeba

    Who are you closest to on Jessie, and how has your relationship gotten stronger throughout the time on Jessie so far?