March 4, 2013

Writing Prompt: Nothing Is More Beautiful Than

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Writing_prompt_genericWriting Prompt: Nothing Is More Beautiful Than . . .

Silly or serious. Today' s Writing Prompt wants to know what YOU think is beautiful. Maybe you've been on a cool vacation and seen something amazing. Maybe you've been affected by a loved one, a new sibling, or just the everyday things in life. Whatever it is, we want to know what is the most beautiful thing in the world to you!

So finish the sentence:


Leave your responses in the Comments. Can't wait to see what you guys write!

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

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  1. Untamed

    Nothing is more beautiful than… a relaxing fun day with our friends. This is beautiful because your with people who like you and you aren’t in a rush. This can be beautiful because if your in a bad mood your friends will get you to laugh and have a good time. Nothing is more beautiful than people having a good time with others. Many people have that one friend that you can turn to in need turn to them.

  2. Sarah

    Nothing is more beautiful than the sunset. The sun is something that is seen every day. It comes and goes but when it is here it is beautiful.It brightens everyone’s days with its color. The sunset is the most beautiful time to see the sun. As it slowly sinks down into the horizon it says goodbye one more time before it goes away.This is truly the most beautiful thing.

  3. Sarah

    Nothing is more beautiful they riding horses on a Saturday morning when the sun is rising the birds are chirping, and everything is perfect.

  4. turquoisekitten1

    Nothing is more beautiful than fresh snow. The white blanket covers the ground and shields the grass from the harsh cold. As they touch your bare cheeks, they cool down your temperature, but not your heart. Fluffy like cotton balls, but cold like ice: snow is a beautiful thing. The majestic crystals ascend from the sky like fallen angels. They light the way, then melt away. Nothing is more beautiful then snow, except more snow. ;)

  5. Basketballbabe23

    the most beautiful thing in the world to me is my family i absolutely couldn’t do anything without them they are the best in the world

  6. greenelf73

    o.k. i have a few nothing is more beautiful than …… my bffs…soccer…me…baby sitters club (scolastic book)…books…music…TALOR SWIFT…and finnaly STACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. DarkMagic31

    Nothing is more beautiful than music. It fits every situation and can make you happy when you`re depressed mad. With so many instruments and combinations, music is perfect. So in conclusion, nothing is more beautiful than music.

  8. purplewizard50

    Nothing is more beautiful than stretching out in the garden, listening to music, looking at the sky and watching the birds.

  9. mara

    the most beautiful thing is memories. you don’t need an album to store them. you use your mind and your heart.memories can be anything,from trips,love,emotions,friends,family ect. one more thing. for memories,you don’t have to see to belive,you just belive.

  10. redmonkey146

    nothing is more beautiful than A BIG GAINT PANDA BEAR P.S. I LOVE PANDA BEARS and MONKEY’S there BEAUTIFUL

  11. Joanna

    Nothing is more beautiful than a warm, peaceful day when the sky is blue, a soft breeze is blowing, and I’m outside joking around and having fun with my friends.