March 12, 2013

St. Patrick’s Day Would You Rather

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ShamrocksSt. Patrick’s Day Would You Rather

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner! March 17th to be exact. So whether you plan to wear green, eat Irish soda bread, or press on a fake shamrock tattoo, I hope you’ll have good luck after completing our St. Patrick’s Day Would You Rather!

Would you rather . . .

  1. Be kissed by a lucky leprechaun OR Irish dreamboat Niall Horan?
  2. Have to eat a pound of Lucky Charms until you throw up OR a pound of green icing?
  3. Find a pot of gold OR a million dollars?
  4. Win a trip to Dublin, Ireland OR Dublin, Ohio?
  5. Dress up like a leprechaun OR get a green mohawk?
  6. Carry giant bagpipes uphill for a mile OR a pile of sweaty bagpipers’ socks?
  7. Have to dance a jig in front of your crush OR have your mom play “You Are My Sunshine” to you on the bagpipes in front of your school?

Leave your answers in the Comments below!
And did you know that in Chicago, they dye the river green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Although the river is colored using an eco-friendly (“green!”) vegetable-based dye, it takes several days for the color to fade away. Cool!

Until next time!

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

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  1. laptopfashionista10

    i really dont care about niall or 1 direction but its better then a leprechaun. (unless it’s harry. I’m not a fan!!!)

  2. laptopfashionista10

    Lucky Charms
    Million $
    Dublin, Ireland
    Dress up like a leprechaun
    Socks (lighter and easier to carry)
    Jig (both are soooo embarrasing tho!)

  3. Joanna

    I would rather:
    1) Be kissed by NIALL, duh!!!
    2) Have to eat Lucky Charms until I throw up.
    3) Find a million dollars.
    4)Win a trip to Dublin, Ireland.
    5)Dress up like a leprichaun.
    6)Carry giant bagpipes up a hill for a mile.
    7) Have to dance a jig in front of my crush.
    I <3 Niall! :)

  4. aquamermaid583

    Green icing
    Pot of gold
    Dress up like a leprechaun
    Carry giant bagpipes
    Mom play u r my sunshine

  5. ipodcash31

    2.lucky charms
    3.million dollars
    6.bagpipes play you are my sunshine

  6. mara

    i would rather:
    1.lucky leprachaun icing
    3.pot of gold
    4.dublin ireland
    5.dress up like a leprachaun
    6.sweaty bagpiper’s socks jig in front of crush.
    ps:the green river probably looks amazing,you know,being n and all.

  7. whitechocolate25

    2.lucky charms
    3.Dublin,Ohio a leprachaun
    5.gaint bagpipes
    6.Dance a jig in front of crush (although I don’t have one!)

  8. girl1234

    1.) lucky leprechaun
    2.) a pound of green icing
    3.) a million dollars
    4.) Dublin, Ireland
    5.) dress up like a leprechaun
    6.) giant bagpipes
    7.) dance a jig

  9. Adventurepegasus10 dreamboat
    2.i don’t know both are so horrible
    3.million dollars
    4.dublin ireland
    5.dress like leprachaun
    6.giant bagpipes uphill jig
    the thing they do in chicago is so cool

  10. Teagan

    Niall Horan
    lucky charms
    Dublin, Ohio
    dress up like a leperchaun
    carry giant bagpipes
    my mom play you are my sunshine

  11. desertpug5

    I would be: kissed by niall
    2:pound of green icing
    3:million bucks
    4:Dublin Ireland
    6:giant bagpipes
    7:dance a jig for crush

  12. purplecow151

    1. lucky leprechaun
    2. pound of green icing
    3. a million dollars
    4. win a trip to Dublin, Ohio
    5. dress up like a leprechaun
    6. giant bagpipes
    7. mom play on bagpipes