March 22, 2013

Mindless Behavior Interview

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MindlessbehaviorMindless Behavior Interview

American boy band, Mindless Behavior’s new CD All Around the World released this month, and Marie Morreale got to talk to 17-year-old Ray Ray, 17-year-old Prodigy, 16-year-old Princeton, and 16-year-old Roc Royal about their new album, their upcoming movie, and other details about their personal lives.

Q: You guys have a new look. Have you totally changed your style?
Princeton: Well, MB is very fashion forward, but personal styles, we are branching off into, you know, UK clothes. We went overseas for a little while so we got to see what their style was like and we’re just incorporating it with MB’s style. And we’re growing up so we want to give a little feel of how we’re maturing.

Q: Tell us about the 25-city tour you’re going on. How will it be different from the last one?
Ray Ray: Well, basically on this tour we’re going to have way more songs. We’re going to perform some songs from the second album, a lot more energy and more choreography. The choreography’s getting a lot harder, a lot better because of Dave Scott and because of the way our songs are. So our dance moves are maturing with us.

Q: Why did you guys pick “Keep Her On The Low” as your first single?
Princeton: We wanted “Keep Her On The Low” to be the first single because we didn’t have any singles out and we thought that was a great record and it was very catchy. And basically, “Keep Her On The Low”, the conflict is when you find that one girl and you have a chance to be with her and everybody else wants to go with her, you gotta keep her on the low.

Q: Who was your first celebrity crush? 
Prodigy: Mine was Keke Palmer.

Q: Did you meet Malia and Sasha Obama when you performed at the Kids’ Inaugural Concert?
Oh yea, definitely. It was actually our second time meeting them because they wanted us to also perform at the Easter Egg Roll in 2010 if I’m not mistaken. So we also did that, and it was an honor to also do the kids’ inauguration.

Q: Tell me about your movie, All Around the World.
Prodigy: I think it was fun because we got some clips of us in London and in the States, and it was just fun. After a while it started feeling like cameras wasn’t even following us because it just became like it was just normal. Like, I forgot cameras was following us because the people behind the cameras are funny, which is Steve and Cooper. So we kind of became friends with them, and like, everybody was hanging out except there’s cameras around. So it was just all natural.

Q: What is your favorite school subject?
Roc Royal: I like math a lot. It was actually a challenge for me at first and now I’m starting to get the hang of stuff like that. I’m on to algebra now, Algebra 1 actually.
Prodigy: My favorite subject would be science because I like to learn about different planets and stuff. I just think that’s cool. When I used to be in regular school I used to love doing the science experiments.
Ray Ray: Math is my favorite subject, you know, because I’m a Capricorn, and Capricorns, we’re all about money. [Laughter] We love money, so that’s why I think I love math.
Princeton: Uh, I’m actually not a math person. I’ve always been into English because I love writing poetry.

Q: What is the best book you ever read?
Roc Royal: I would have to say Frederick Douglass for now. I’m actually reading it right now and it’s pretty good.
Prodigy: I also gotta say Frederick Douglass because I actually just finished that book.

Q: What is your favorite food?
Roc Royal: My favorite food is Mexican food. I like me some burritos.
Ray Ray: Yeah Mexican food, but my favorite overall is tacos.
Prodigy: I gotta say I like Chinese food.
Princeton: I love Mexican food because I’m half Mexican, and that’s all I eat at home.

Q: What would a perfect day would be for you?
Ray Ray: A perfect day for me is shopping with a beautiful girl in New York or London, or just chilling on a nice beach like Bahamas or Belize. I really like the islands. I like the free mindset, so I would like to be free and just, you know, be wild.

Q: What other performer do you look up to most?
Prodigy: I have to say Michael Jackson because I’ve been a big fan of his ever since I was two years old performing in my living room to all his music. I had all his music videos and the movie, Moonwalker. I had all of it. I was just a big Michael fanatic.

Q: What is your most unusual talent?
Princeton: Unusual talent. I am very, very flexible. I do yoga, so out of nowhere I do the splits and stuff like that.

Q: What is the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you? 
Princeton: Well, a lot of embarrassing things end up happening to me in the group, like falling on stage and getting my hair pulled by fans. Like that’s embarrassing at times. Oh, we were on the #1 Girl Tour and the first show, we had these slides. When I slid down, I slid like pretty much off the stage. And then the second show, I ripped my jacket. Wardrobe malfunction. [Laughter]
Ray Ray: I don’t usually get embarrassed. If something just happens, it happens. It’s like, “Whatever.”

Haha! I like that attitude! Are you a fan of Mindless Behavior? Leave Comment!

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Interview by Marie Morreale

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  1. mcm bag

    What a funny blog! I actually enjoyed watching this funny movie with my family for well as follows my friends.

  2. jasmine

    Hey, guys lol im going to tell u a little about me.i like gong skating, swimming, going to party’s, dancing, and singing also going on dates I really like what u guys are doing with your life take care!! Love u

  3. Anonymous

    Write your comment here…love Princeton MB people…love em….Besides their looks….they Gat swagged up personalities,,,,im not usually this calm when talking bout them

  4. Anonymous

    Write your comment here……lol okay leggo….I love Mindless Behavoir…I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed or anythang(well thas what people tend to tell me)……They Really Awesome…They Inspiring…Especially Princeton…His My Fav Human Being On earth…I mean like I used to care bout what other people use to say taw Me…But after Hearing their Interviews and stuff..I completely changed..I sweaR ! I use to be shy….like I couldn’t walk alone,couldn’t be left alone…I needed to be with someone all the time…I would panick..okay so baq to Princeton…okay look now Princeton is Perfection at its Best! I’m telling Yall!….like besides his looks..his personality!…his wild ,free -spirited….I use to be so insecure,,,buhh I’ve seriously suprisingly changed! Like foreal…Him and the rest of the boys truley inspire..I am this Wild,free-spirited,Out -going and sort of not that shy because of them….they have dreams and ambitious..they really know what they want…I mean like wow yall….I’m chasing my dream of coming to the states and finishing my high School year there and going to Harvard or Stanford..or maybe Princeton University(lol)but then ion know how ama get there……..MINDLESS BEHAVIOUR 4 LIFE……

  5. sanai23

    Hi Princeton my name is sanai I was at one concert I think it was the all around the world tour but I could not see .every one was standing up in the seats so if u would tour here once more I would love it .and i love u all and if you are I’m contact with prodigy tell him he has to come back we loved hi, very much

  6. samiya

    I like this interview and l have to write a report on anything I want to, to prove that I am ready for 4th grade, so this interview will fit great in Mindless Behavior Report.