March 18, 2013

Create a Caption: Snow Dog

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Createacaption2Create a Caption: Snow Dog

Here's one fabulous looking pup! Killy looks like she enjoys the snow, but her natural environment is definitely center stage. Look at the sass in that pose. There's definitely a lot of diva in this dog.


My caption for this photo would definitely be the following:

“Ooh, snow! I love snow. It brings out my eyes. I think this would be the perfect backdrop for my glamour shots!”

What do YOU think Killy is doing here? What’s she thinking? What’s she trying to say? Give us YOUR caption in the comments below!

En-Szu, STACKS Intern (a.k.a. MidnightMagic5)

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  1. Megan

    There is nothing more beautiful than freshly laid snow that hasn’t been stepped in.It is so cute when a dog buries itself in the snow. When the dog comes up it is covered in snow and it is adorable. The evergreen trees also make the snow very pretty. It gives the world a little life and not just white everywhere. I love snow, its so nice to roll around in. It also cools me off from being inside by the fire.

  2. LoveyDoveyBird2011

    I think Killy is saying:
    “SNOW!!! Snow I love snow…oh my gosh. SQUIRREL! On the camera!!!!!”

  3. nei1399

    i think killy was laying down in the snow and she was thinking that they snow is very cold on her belly.

  4. Lexy

    I think Killy is trying to figure out why she’s sitting in the snow having a photo taken of her. She is also very cute. And I agree with the captions and comments, the snow does bring out her eyes.

  5. niy99

    That adorable dog is so cute! I think she’s thinking, “I’m adorable and I know it!” I think she knows how cute she is. I also think she loves the attention, and people taking pictures of her. I think she is a drama queen!This dog looks like a model! I think it being interesting to hear what she could say if she could talk! That dog is a diva! I hope the snow isn’t too cold for her!She is so cute!

  6. caplipspit

    “This isn’t really snow that comes from the sky. it is just foam that makes my fur all wet and disgusting.

  7. Ash Ketchum

    Man that is cute! I thought my HoundDoom was a good Pokemon but this takes the cake. My Lucario would love to play in the snow with this animal. Entei would just burn this this cutie wolf up. Shinx is cool but this wolf is alot better……Wait a second Professorial Oak just called me. He said that this is not a wolf! This is a 5% off breed 2nd cousin on a wolf.
    Now i shall send my Charizard at you so be prepared my good fellow.