February 13, 2013

New Harry Potter Covers?!!

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SneakPeekNew Harry Potter Covers

UPDATE: The 15th Anniversary is here! See the new covers for Book #2, Books #3-5, Book #6, and Book #7!

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling, Scholastic has unveiled the first of 7 all-new book covers illustrated by Amulet artist Kazu Kibuishi.

Kibuishi is a longtime Harry Potter fan who called this opportunity, “more than a little surreal. The Harry Potter covers by Mary GrandPré are so fantastic and iconic,” he says. “When I was asked to submit samples, I initially hesitated because I didn’t want to see them reinterpreted! . . . As an author myself, I tried to answer the question, ‘If I were the author of the books – and they were like my own children – how would I want them to be seen years from now?’”

Well, here is the answer to that question for Book #1: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.


All 7 new covers will appear on U.S. paperback editions coming in September 2013 and will depict a “distinctive and memorable moment” from each book. This one obviously depicts Harry Potter’s first visit to Diagon Alley with Hagrid.

We are curious to hear what you think should appear on the covers of Books #2-7. Leave your most distinctive and memorable moments from each book in the Comments. And tell us what you think of the new cover for Book #1! Personally, after my first reaction (which was a loud gasp!) I can now say that I LOVE it!!

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

Cover art by Mary GrandPré c 1998, and Kazu Kibuishi c 2013

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  1. Zoe

    2. Harry in the Chamber of Secrets
    3. Harry’s patronum
    4. Harry in the maze
    5. Battling at the Ministry Of Magic
    6. Battling at the tower thing.
    7. Battling at Hogwarts.

  2. Lilacquill98

    I am a huge Harry Potyer fan and while the new covers are really brautiful and nice they’re just not Harry Potter. The old ones are better. & I agree with Lokiangel6 on #2-4 but if you put the scences from #5-7 on the cover I think it would totally ruin the book.

  3. Emma

    I don’t really like the new covers as much as the old ones. Actually, jj, “duley”s name is actually Dudley!

  4. purplewizard50

    @ Lokiange6.
    Those are spoilers! I don’t think they would seem right on the front cover. Anyone agree? This is what I think:
    2. Harry and Draco dueling in Lockhart’s duel club.
    3. Hermione, Harry and Ron in the train when the dementor comes.
    4. The goblet and names flying out of it and Dumbledore and Harry standing next to it.
    5. Luna, Neville, Ron, Hermione, Harry and Ginny and Harry holding the crystal ball.
    6. Harry holding The Half Blood Prince’s Book next to Dumbledore and Felix Felexis in his hand.
    7. Harry holding the Snitch and The Ressurection Stone, Ron next to him, and Hermione holding her wand.

  5. Pakman 14

    Well, for the people who liked the original cover better, you’ve better get the original covers before they are gone.

  6. BookAmber28

    P.S. The new one is cool, but the old one IS Harry! P.P.S. Think! Harry= Awe-bor-ld!
    Meaning: He is awesome,boring, AND old!
    See, That’s what You’re saying when you like the new one! but when you like the old one, Harry= Awe-co-ic! Meaning: Awesome,cool,AND epic!! Catch my drift?

  7. BookAmber28

    I’m reading all the books in the Harry Potter book series. I’ve only read the first 5. I guess I like it. But I’m not sure. Plus, I’m reading them one after another. So. Yeah.

  8. bookworm6

    I personally think it’s nice,but doesn’t it give a lot of clues to him for people who’ve never read it. It’s just very unnatural for Harry fans. I love Harry Potter and if J.K Rowling agrees with it I say that it’s up to her and will keep my mouth shut. I’m just voicing my opinion on the new cover.

  9. Liliana

    I <3 Harry Potter. I read the whole series and it was really fantastic. I love the new cover for the first book. I love the new illustrator’s graphic!

  10. Katie

    i<3 EVERYTHING in H.P!Liiiikeeee thegoblet of fire BUT it was so sad when dumbledore died.WAAAA!!!:( D:

  11. tigerlover101

    I LOVE HARRY POTTER!!! Those covers are really good and more realistic…if Harry Potter can be realistic… :P