February 22, 2013

Big Time Rush Drummer Jordan Plosky

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Bigtimerush_130Big Time Rush Drummer Jordan Plosky

Jordan Plosky is a professional drummer who tours with Big Time Rush and plays drums in their concerts. If you have ever been to a Big Time Rush concert, you may have seen him playing drums. He also hosts his own podcast, and was nice enough to answer a few questions for us about life with BTR, and his advice for future pro musicians.

Q: What is the craziest BTR fan encounter you’ve seen?
Jordan: Whenever we would travel overseas, there would be hundreds of fans waiting for us at the airports and hotels. We never knew exactly how they knew what flight we were on, or what hotel we were staying at, but they were always there! When we were in Argentina, we were crossing a street, and a fan ran after us. I saw her and yelled, “WATCH OUT!” because a huge bus was whipping around the corner. Although she didn’t understand English, she understood what I was trying to say, and ran back to the curb. She could have gotten hit by the bus, which was scary.

Q: What is your favorite BTR song to play in concert?
Jordan: ”Windows Down!” Woo Hoo!

Q: How did you become the drummer for Big Time Rush?
Jordan: A friend of mine was on the crew, and I texted him asking if he knew of anyone looking for a drummer. He said no, and 20 minutes later texted me back saying that their drummer had just quit, and if I came down to the rehearsal studio right away, the gig would be mine. And he was right!

Q: When did you know you wanted to be a professional drummer?
Jordan: I don’t remember the exact moment, but in my elementary school yearbook, when I graduated 5th grade, it says right there next to my picture “Ambition: Professional Drummer.” So, for a long time!

Q: How many hours a day did you practice drums when you were young?
Jordan: I started playing when I was 7, but didn’t start taking it seriously until I was 14. Then it became drums all the time, with my bands, and by myself along to my favorite songs. Usually at least 2 hours a day by myself, and maybe all day with the band.

Q: What advice do you have for kids who want to become professional musicians?
Jordan: Be good at what you do. Practice, practice, practice. Remain driven. If you are passionate, nothing can stop you. Learn as much about it as you possibly can, even the little things that indirectly have to do with it. It all helps.

Q: What is your dream band to play in?
Jordan: I literally dreamed at night about playing in Green Day. They are my biggest inspiration. And I got to play onstage with them once. But also, Queen is one of my favorite bands of all time. And it wouldn’t hurt to play for Muse either!

Q: What book would you recommend to a 10-year-old?
Jordan: I love comics. One of my introductions to comics was Archie Digests. Not sure if that’s cool for a 10-year-old nowadays, but I have a ton in my closet!

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