January 14, 2013

You Know You’re a Harry Potter Fan When

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HarrypotterthumbWriting Prompt: You know you’re a Harry Potter fan when. . .

We know who we are. Some people might call us obsessed. Some people might call us crazy. But when it comes to Harry Potter, there’s nothing wrong with that!! How do you recognize other Potterheads? What are the signs of a TRUE Harry Potter fan?

Here are just a few symptoms of Harry Potter obsession. . .

  • You know what house you’re in and you have a scarf with your house colors on it. (You’ve taken the sorting hat quizzes a million different times!)
  • You’ve tried every flavor of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans. Even earwax and vomit.
  • You were a wizard for Halloween. 5 years in a row.
  • When you check the mail, you look around for owls, desperately hoping for your Hogwarts letter.
  • You started a Dumbledore’s Army club at your school to fight real-world problems.
  • You stand up and shout at the movie screen, “That’s not what happened in the book!”
  • You’ve lost track of how many times you have read each book, but you know it’s more than 10.
  • You are seriously thinking about naming your future son Albus Severus.
  • You have a birthday party for Harry every year on July 31.
  • You screamed very loudly when you heard that J.K. Rowling might write another children’s book.

Now it’s YOUR turn to complete this sentence in the Comments. You know you’re a Harry Potter fan when . . .

—Ratha, Stacks Writer
Illustration by Mary GrandPre


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  1. bearcity32

    You know you’re a Harry potter fan when you can memorize a paragraph of one of the books, know all the spells, re read the books on a daily basis, and wish Hogwarts and Quidditch were real.

  2. PegasusPheonix

    I know I’m a Harry Potter Fan when………
    -You read every book nonstop
    -Your screen saver is some of the Harry Potter Characters
    -You find a big stick and pretend it’s a wand by casting spells from the books with it
    -You know that there are only 7 books, not 8
    -You are willing to spend $500 for the wands used in the movie
    -You only do things related to Harry Potter (play HP games, Look up pics of him, find out the names of the actors,etc.)
    -You realized that Daniel Radcliffe’s eyes are not the right color for Harry Potter as described in the book
    -They did not use the right color dress on Emma Watson/Hermione in the 4th movie at the Yule Ball
    -You realize that you are obsessed with Harry Potter because you’re giving a lot of reasons and you can go on forever.

  3. catgymnastics173

    You know you’re a Harry Potter fan when……
    ……You find wizard candy in Muggle stores and you desperately want them.
    ……When you can’t decide if the movies or books are better.
    ……When you were Harry Potter for Halloween.
    ……When you believe you are not a Muggle.
    ……If you went to a Harry Potter summer camp.
    ……When you are trying to spend every second reading a book or watching the movie.
    ……If you have a wand you made yourself and you try to do spells.
    ……If you make it look like in a picture that you have done Wingardium Leviosa and you show your friends.
    ……If you have been or you desperately want to go to Harry Potter land.
    ……If you wish to actually be in the Harry Potter series!
    I hope you like some of these, this took thought of how much I have seen!

  4. wittywizard18

    You know you’re a Harry Potter Fan when…
    … you start crying when anyone good dies
    … you start dancing when bellatrix dies
    … you know the first chapter of The Sorcerers Stone by heart
    … you quote the books at least five times daily

  5. Indigoangel52

    You know you’re a Harry Potter fan when every little thing in your everyday life reminds you of the magical world you love.

  6. Anonymous

    Some of what I do…..
    *You sometimes get emotional and scream “I want to go to Hogwarts!!!”
    *You have dreams about using wands
    *You seriously try HARD to do magic
    *Half your sketch books only have Harry Potter characters in them
    *At night after you read, you check you closet for Voldemort
    *The only things on you wish list have to do with Harry Potter

  7. Camelotgirl

    … when you say “Accio ____” whenever you can’t find something.
    … when you name your dog Sirius, cat Crookshanks, and fancy rat Scabbers or Peter.
    … when you wear a tee shirt with your house on it.
    … when you have a copy of each of the main character’s wands. (Harry, Ron, Hermionie)
    … when you get upset whenever the movies drop one small scene.
    … when you have dreams about your little brother turning into a pig.
    … when you can’t read “Abaracadabara”. You read “Adava Kedavra” instead.
    … when you think of dragons every time you hear “Norbert”.
    … when you have learned how to play all the movie music by ear.
    … when you keep piling on weird Harry Potter related quirks onto a “You know you’re a fan when…” blog entry.
    And there’s much, much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. wittywizard18

      um, please friend me. we live in the same world. I was going to post that but couldnt find the words

  8. K

    Your a Harry potter fan when you own every book
    And every movie when a stick is a wand when you tell yourself I’m a wizard. When you play a game with wizards in it! (I do these all the time) you have posters all over your room you tell your parents their muggles
    You wish you have a Harry potter room you have all the characters wands (except the dark wizards) and some chocolate frog cards and you want to name your pet after a Harry potter character

  9. angelbutterfly172

    you know that ur an hp fan whe
    - uve read the ‘ the tales of beedle the bard’ ;) (a book of wizard fairytales)

  10. Aeon

    …you make toast carvings of all of the characters, crumble the death eaters into teeny tiney bits, seal all of the others in acrylic, and hang the sealed ones up on your living room wall.
    …you ask “Rowling?” every time someone says “JK”.
    …you have memorized every single line from all eight movies and can recite them in perfect sync with the characters from the film without help.
    …you have drawn, re-drawn, re-re-drawn, re-re-re-drawn, re-re-re-re-drawn, et cetera every character in manga style, each time noticing that there is a slight mi-shading of the drawings and not keeping those ones.
    …the lights go out and you finally find your wand and sream out “lumos!”(screaming because your your cat,Crookshanks, just pounced on your foot).
    …you daydream about marrying one of the characters (for me, that’s Neville<3).
    …you think you see Lucius Malfoy outside your bedroom window on a broom watching you. and it is just a monarch butterfly.
    …you have a shrine dedicated to each and every one of the characters.
    …you have gone as Luna Lovegood for the past 8 years. Wand, tie, Spectrospects, and all.
    …you have waited 4 years for your letter.
    …you know all of the sorting hat's lines from all of the books.
    …you know all of the house's password codes and have even invented a few yourself. For each of the houses. Even difficult riddles for Ravenclaw( example: What goes through the trees, cries without words, and ripples over the grass? the wind).
    …you say "You don't look at all like him" when people say "I'm serious", thinking that they are saying that they are SIRIUS.
    …you can recite all of Neville Longbottom's lines from both the books and the movies.

  11. Hans

    When you always have a lightning bolt tattoo on your head hoping that a wizard will come and mistake you for Harry Potter and take you away because they’ve mistaken you for Harry Potter

  12. Boredamber15

    Yeah I Scream At The Movie Screen … I Have All 7 Books I Have posters Of All The Harry potter caracters I Guess Im A Fan.. P.S. I Have 16 Games That I Play on The Computer They Are ONLY Harry Potter Websites O.o ♥Harry potter seris♥

  13. redapple239

    I have a secret………. I want to merry harry…. don’t tell my boyfriend:) JK! hehe I’m funny!!!!! :D ;D….. harry RULES……. I’M TOTALY IN LOVE WITH THE MOVIES……. but NOT the books

  14. redapple239

    Im with you, won’t tell you….. he is sooooo cute!!!! I <3 harry!!!!!:D u r cool, wont tell you!!!!!