January 14, 2013

You Know You’re a Harry Potter Fan When

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HarrypotterthumbWriting Prompt: You know you’re a Harry Potter fan when. . .

We know who we are. Some people might call us obsessed. Some people might call us crazy. But when it comes to Harry Potter, there’s nothing wrong with that!! How do you recognize other Potterheads? What are the signs of a TRUE Harry Potter fan?

Here are just a few symptoms of Harry Potter obsession. . .

  • You know what house you’re in and you have a scarf with your house colors on it. (You’ve taken the sorting hat quizzes a million different times!)
  • You’ve tried every flavor of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans. Even earwax and vomit.
  • You were a wizard for Halloween. 5 years in a row.
  • When you check the mail, you look around for owls, desperately hoping for your Hogwarts letter.
  • You started a Dumbledore’s Army club at your school to fight real-world problems.
  • You stand up and shout at the movie screen, “That’s not what happened in the book!”
  • You’ve lost track of how many times you have read each book, but you know it’s more than 10.
  • You are seriously thinking about naming your future son Albus Severus.
  • You have a birthday party for Harry every year on July 31.
  • You screamed very loudly when you heard that J.K. Rowling might write another children’s book.

Now it’s YOUR turn to complete this sentence in the Comments. You know you’re a Harry Potter fan when . . .

—Ratha, Stacks Writer
Illustration by Mary GrandPre


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  1. BookAmber28

    4:When you know everything about Voldermort and Harry.5: HP and GW 4ever!!6:Think Dumbledore is AWESOME!!!7:

  2. BookAmber28

    A potterhead is…
    1: You know eveything about Voldermort or Harry. 2:Harry and Ginny would sooooo make a cute couple!3:You know a few spells.[ EX:Patronus]4:You think Ron is SUPER funny!![No joke!]5:You know what ‘HORCRUXES’are. [scary!] 6:Hermione is sooo smart![Maybe.]

  3. bubblyblue66

    I was a witch for Halloween.
    I am in Ravenclaw house.
    I tried Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans.
    I had a Harry Potter themed birthday party.
    I am waiting to get into Hogwarts.
    I have read each book more than ten times and am reading one right now.

  4. BookAmber28

    1:When You know a few of the house codes.[ EX: Fortuna Major. From the third book.]2:When you know a few spells.[EX: Patronus.] 3: When you SOOOOO think Ron and Hermione would make a CUTE couple!!!!

  5. BookAmber28

    GUYS! I’m a POTTERHEAD!!! SERIOUSLY!!! In fact, Once, I was watching “ Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone“ And the whole time I kept yelling “ That didn’t happen in the book!!!“ .

  6. demyx

    1. When you say/read/see the word obviously you think of Snape and read it in Snape’s voice
    2. “OMG are you Serious?” “No, I’m actually (insert name here)
    3. Pottermore
    4. Know the actors
    5. watch funny vids like Potter Puppet Pals or A very Potter musical
    6. Draw dark marks on your arms and say “Morsmordre” when it dark.
    7. Play Quidditch
    9. “Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?” You say: ” Team Harry!”
    10. Constantly check for new book announcements.
    I’ll stop here! hehe

  7. darkblue300

    You know your a harry potter fan when………
    .You know all of your favorite charecters lines
    .You consider naming your children after the charecters
    .You create a second generation book
    .You buy a harry potter spell book and memorize all the spells
    .You have dreams about marrying harry or ron

  8. korkie

    You know when your a HARRY POTTER fan when:
    *you read the whole book and you memorize it the first time
    *your mom goes to England and she goes to the harry potter castle and took pictures just for you
    *When you write”HAPPY B-DAY HARRY POTTER” on your calender in your room
    * you and your friends discuss how wrong the movie was compared to the book and yell ay the t.v. or movie theater screen
    *you daydream about the characters, movie, book, etc.
    *you tell people that they should grow a beard like Dumbledore
    *you try to teach your sister how to say the spells right
    *you cry ever time you read or watch the part when Sirius,Dumbledore and Fred dies
    *it is dark in a room and you want a light you yell lumous and every one stares at you.
    *you have a harry potter shirt that tells what house you are in
    *you know what a muggle is
    *you ask your parents what is butterbeer made of and what does it taste like(specially when your aunt lives in England)
    *you were eleven and waiting for an owl to give you a letter telling you that you are going to Hogwarts!
    i think i said everything i can think about right now!

  9. justine

    I am such a HP fan!!! omg when I was 7 I read the books and the movies and hated it when they did stuff in the movie that wasn’t in the book….like in that scene when Snape threw himself against Harry Ron and Heromine to protect them from this weird lookin’ trollish thing..omg omg omg I actually dress up my little brothers and sister to be like harry ron and heromine lol then we play hogwarts…I’m all o’ the teachers cuz’ I got a judges robe offline!!! ^.^

  10. dawncloud11

    you know your too big of a hp fan when:
    -you know the books better than J.K.Rowling
    -you know the movies better than WB
    -you move to USAjust to buy harry potter stuff
    hope you enjoyed. :)

  11. harry potter adict

    …you spout mistakes in other books that mention harry potter
    …you now own 12 wands
    …you have 4 quills
    …you’ve won more than 200 harry potter competitions
    hey, i fit all of these descriptions!!!

    1. Aeon

      No, she should continue by writing about their children, because it is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  12. dancingfire8

    Forgot to add:
    ♥ When you beg your parents every day to take you to the Harry Potter Wizarding World at Universal Studio’s(not the real Wirdard World, unfortunately) and even offer to pay for it even though it would use up all of your college fund.

  13. dancingfire8

    You know your a true Harry Potter fan when………..
    ♥ You’ve read every book and have watched every movie in the series numerous times:)
    ♥You know what house you are in(Hufflepuff!!)
    ♥ You pretend that you are a wizard and have your little sister convinced that you actually are one.
    ♥ You tell all of your friends to call you Ginny.
    ♥Every conversation you have has to do with Harry Potter(or is related).
    Yeah. That’s about all I can think of for now:)

  14. IsisPegasus6

    Well u can tell when you are a HP fan when…..
    -you have read the books over 10 times(my friend is obsessed by that. Oh Faith)
    - you yell at the tv or whatever you are watching the movie on when something happens in the movies that did not happen

  15. EnergeticFairy13

    I’m SO a Potterhead! So is my friend! For other Potterhead’s out there, GO TO UNIVERSAL STUDIOS! The Harry Potter castle (or Hogwarts, DUH!) is the BEST! Hint- Get into Hogwarts as soon as you can because there is a ride in there which is the best ride you will ever ride. And if you want a wand, make sure to hurry to Ollivanders so you don’t have to wait for 1 hour. And, of course, get a drink of Butterbeer! Hope this helps for your future trip!