January 14, 2013

You Know You’re a Harry Potter Fan When

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HarrypotterthumbWriting Prompt: You know you’re a Harry Potter fan when. . .

We know who we are. Some people might call us obsessed. Some people might call us crazy. But when it comes to Harry Potter, there’s nothing wrong with that!! How do you recognize other Potterheads? What are the signs of a TRUE Harry Potter fan?

Here are just a few symptoms of Harry Potter obsession. . .

  • You know what house you’re in and you have a scarf with your house colors on it. (You’ve taken the sorting hat quizzes a million different times!)
  • You’ve tried every flavor of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans. Even earwax and vomit.
  • You were a wizard for Halloween. 5 years in a row.
  • When you check the mail, you look around for owls, desperately hoping for your Hogwarts letter.
  • You started a Dumbledore’s Army club at your school to fight real-world problems.
  • You stand up and shout at the movie screen, “That’s not what happened in the book!”
  • You’ve lost track of how many times you have read each book, but you know it’s more than 10.
  • You are seriously thinking about naming your future son Albus Severus.
  • You have a birthday party for Harry every year on July 31.
  • You screamed very loudly when you heard that J.K. Rowling might write another children’s book.

Now it’s YOUR turn to complete this sentence in the Comments. You know you’re a Harry Potter fan when . . .

—Ratha, Stacks Writer
Illustration by Mary GrandPre


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  1. harrypotterisbeast

    …when you decide to find the real Hogwarts.
    …when you use chopsticks as wands and noodles as jets of magic.
    …when you mutter spells.
    …when you memorize all the spells ever mentioned.
    …when you know just by watching the movie that THAT’S SOOOOO NOT WHAT HAPPENED IN THE BOOK!!! (I get so angry when they do that!)
    Eh, that’s all I can think of for now…
    - harrypotterisbeast

  2. me (brainyathena :P)

    anyways….you know you’re a HP fan when you are in a black out (like I was last night T_T) and you keep taking your fake wand and yelling ‘LUMOS!’ (I just resolved to turning on my laptop and watching a show on it :P )

  3. Name Withheld By Request

    …When you’re writing a Harry Potter fanfic and you have decided to make your main character’s sister a rabid Kenmare Kestrels fan.
    …When you have decided, length and all, what your wand would be and are seriously disappointed that you didn’t get it on Pottermore.

  4. dreamtimeunicorn17

    I scream saying ……. NO! …….NO NO NO DO NOT DIE ON ME HARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What should i do!!!!!!!!!!! Help me I`m going crazy over Harry!

  5. beecat202

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  6. Haley

    You own every dvd, every book in hardback and paperback, you have the set of books in hardback and paperback, and even though you have the dvd’s in advance, you still go to the movies anyway… This isn’t me, just my friend.

  7. redapple239

    i know all the parts of harry potter! I only liked the movies! The books were zzzzzzzzz fest…… if you are with me friend me! :D

  8. shareeda

    im a movie fan i dont read books unless i have to in school.
    p.s.book fan in class dont ask me to read ask the book fan

  9. azurecalm16

    im a harry potter MOVIE fan. no books,just movies for me.P.S.there is this cutish boy in my class who has alot of hp fan symptoms!!

  10. Hpfan1

    When you can’t stop thinking bout it or u keep on reading the books or watching the movies or both over and over and over again! Like me! ;)

  11. Melanie

    You finish 5 books in 6 days- plus schoolwork and eating
    You check out the books in your library.
    You try to do magic at home
    You consider Albus Dumbledore your role model
    You think “Potter” when someone says “Harry”
    You’ve taken the House Quiz at least three times
    You have 3 ships you stick to strongly

  12. Emily

    I love Harry potter! I have read the first one 16 times the second 13 third 12 times fourth one 15 and 5th 19 times! Plus the sixth one 18 and last one 24 times

  13. Mysterygirl123

    You know your a huge HP fan when~
    •You know which house you in
    •I’ve considered naming my child Luna
    •I get all fangirl when I hear that J.K.R may write another book
    •Still waiting for a letter… *sigh*
    • Wizard for…2 years in a row.
    • Went to Wizarding World of HP
    •Made HP references with out even noticing
    •You have a huge poster book…
    in multi-languages.
    • Tried Berte Bott’s
    •Went to an expedition…AND TRIED ON THE ACTUAL SORTING HAT. (True story~)
    •Made anime versions of the characters…multiple times.
    •Have gotten your little sister into the fandom :3