January 7, 2013

Writing Prompt: That Awkward Moment When

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Writing_prompt_rainbow_penWriting Prompt: That Awkward Moment When

Did you ever experience an awkward moment like forget somebody's name when they totally remembered yours? Or fart in the dead silence of a movie theater? Or loudly scream "Mommy!" in the mall, forgetting you now call your parent 'Mom" or sometimes cleverly by their first name? These are the moments – those awkward moments – you will laugh about later but cringe at now!! Today's Writing Prompt asks you to finish the following phrase: 


Here’s one of mine to get you started.
That awkward moment when in seventh grade I was talking to my crush only to realize afterwards I had a large piece of, um, something (!) stuck under my nose.

Fill in yours in the Comments below. I can't wait to read these ones!
That awkward moment when . . .

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

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  1. Edan

    That awkward moment when you run out of toilet paper and you’re stuck in the bathroom using tissues or something

  2. Cleo

    I typed the website address exactly as in my book, but it did not go to the scholastic website. I checked again and again, and found nothing wrong.
    Until my dad showed me “scr’ should be written as “src”.
    I was happy to see the scholastic website.

  3. Miguel A

    That awkward moment when you eat a spicy food then it was so spicy that you really need to drink water but there’s no water so you drink sewer water

  4. Miguel A

    That awkward moment when you have water or food in your mouth and then you heard a funny joke and when you were laughing you spit out your food or drink in your mouth

  5. Edan

    That awkward moment when i accidentally flung a pencil at this girl and then she turned around and i thought she was gonna stab me in the eye but instead she just gave it to me and smiled O_o

  6. juno3

    an awkward moment when my friend farted in the middle of a silence bell at school and we couldn’t laugh cuz we would get punished

  7. spiritedsoftball20

    That awkward moment when… you accidentally let it slip that you like the guy that you are talking to!!!!!

  8. emeraldbutterfly973

    That awkward moment when in seventh grade I was at the movies with my crush and when a scary part came I spilled soda and popcorn on him.

  9. poseidonathena604

    that awkward moment when …..I was in gym and we were running laps and I didn’t hear the couch say ‘only the boys’ so when he said go I took off running with the boys and I thought I was first so I didn’t stop but when I did the boys behind me were laughing .and the excuse I made up to the couch was that a boy had gotten one of my bracelets and I had gone after him to get it . :( all the girls were laughing at me for the rest of the day..

  10. Raiven

    that awkard moment when in 7th grade i was talking to my crush only to realize afterwards i i had a large peice of um something in my nose!!!
    i think that she might have had a large buger in er nose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Sofia

    That awkward moment when you laugh so hard at something nobody else thinks is funny. That happens a lot to me, but I have another one:
    That awkward moment when you were crying to yourself, and someone behind you heard all of it, even the words you muttered.

  12. chihuahuablue764

    That awkward moment when I saw my teacher and I didn’t recognize her, but she recognized me!!!

  13. hayley

    that awkward moment when i was practicing my dancing and my friend told me i had toilet paper coming out of my leotard

  14. amusedphoenix18

    That awkward moment in 3rd grade when I hurt myself in P.E. I was crying at first (it hurt!) but then I started laughing while I was crying. I “claughed” so much that the teacher actually had to ask me to leave the room. Worse yet, everyone who was there remembered it- even through 5th grade!