January 7, 2013

Writing Prompt: That Awkward Moment When

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Writing_prompt_rainbow_penWriting Prompt: That Awkward Moment When

Did you ever experience an awkward moment like forget somebody's name when they totally remembered yours? Or fart in the dead silence of a movie theater? Or loudly scream "Mommy!" in the mall, forgetting you now call your parent 'Mom" or sometimes cleverly by their first name? These are the moments – those awkward moments – you will laugh about later but cringe at now!! Today's Writing Prompt asks you to finish the following phrase: 


Here’s one of mine to get you started.
That awkward moment when in seventh grade I was talking to my crush only to realize afterwards I had a large piece of, um, something (!) stuck under my nose.

Fill in yours in the Comments below. I can't wait to read these ones!
That awkward moment when . . .

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

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  1. kayla

    That awkward moment is when a gy that u think of as a friend says he likes (later he told me it was just to get this girl off our back

  2. Emily

    That awkward moment when you lost your parents in a crowd and when you look for them you think you found them and grab a total stranger! the stranger says “uuuuuummm hi?” haha:)

  3. neishia

    it was so akward when i thought i saw my best friend bridget (I CALL HER HONEY BUN BECAUSE SHE LOOKS LIKE ONE)
    i screamed honey bun and ran up to her but it wasnt her it was a man with really long hair. sad right ? i know. akkwwaarrdd

  4. neishia

    yesterday when i left school,my friend thats a boy put his hand over my eyes and said “guess who” i thought it was my boy friend and said hi babe and turned around and kiss him on the cheek while my boy friend was looking it was so akward.

  5. me (brainyathena :P)

    OMG 59 comments O_O ?
    that awkward moment when you open the door to a porta potty and somebody’s in there ._. at least I didn’t know them…. O_O omg that was so awkward I ran….

  6. Celeste

    My dad is military, so when he went away for 1 year and he came back i ran up and hugged someone I thought was my dad but wasn’t!

  7. dancingjalepeno

    That awkward moment when…
    …you’re yelling at someone, but accidentally call them by your siblings name

  8. jadedragon49

    That awkward moment when you start randomly singing a song in the hallway and no one else knows what it is. (Typically it’s the most recent showtune or radio song I’ve listened to…)

  9. Isabella

    That awkward wen u start clicking ir pen in the middle of class and u get yelled at to stop but u hav to click it one more time to write

  10. emeraldglad7

    I really personally think that awkward moments seem to happen alot in the library! And yeah its happen lots of times.