January 22, 2013

Reader Personality Quiz

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Trivia_quiz1Personality Quiz: What type of reader are you?

All readers have one thing in common: we LOVE books! But not all readers are the same. Some people just devour any book and they don’t really care what it is, while some people are very picky and will only read books by certain authors or about certain topics. Take this Reader Personality Quiz to find out what type of reader you are.

  1. You’re at an all-you-can-eat buffet. You . . .
    A) Take some of everything. It’s called all-you-can-eat for a reason!
    B) Start with the pasta dishes. You LOVE pasta.
    C) Find something you like. Then go back for seconds. And thirds. And fourths.
    D) Experiment with new foods. Fried snails? Why not!
    E) Everything looks gross. You’ll eat at home.
  2. You wear your hair . . .
    A) As many ways as possible in one day! You go from long to ponytail to accessorized in a snap.
    B) Based on what’s popular right now. You browse magazines and websites for inspiration.
    C) The same way every day! Why mess with a good thing?
    D) You like to try out new and crazy styles (and sometimes colors).
    E)  Perfectly. If one hair is out of place, you freak out!
  3. Someone sent you a free book in the mail! You hope it’s . . .
    A) Anything, as long as it’s good.
    B) The newest book by your favorite author. You’re the biggest fan!
    C) One of your old favorites. Sure, you’ve already read them, but you’re collecting extra copies to read when you’re in the car.
    D) Something you’ve never read yet, like maybe a graphic novel or historical fiction.
    E) About your favorite topic. You only pick certain types of books.
  4. One day, when you go to the Prom, you’ll take . . .
    A) It doesn’t matter. You’ll have a good time no matter whom you go with.
    B) Hopefully your crush.
    C) Your best friend from childhood. You want to be comfortable.
    D) The foreign exchange student! You don’t know each other very well or even really speak the same language, but that’s ok! It will be an experience!
    E) Only the smartest, funniest, cutest person in your class.
  5. How do you organize your bookshelf?
    A) By genre: fantasy, comedy, mystery, anime . . . you get the picture.
    B) Current favorite series first. The others don’t really matter anymore.
    C) All-time faves come first. You keep the ones you’ll read over and over near the top.
    D) In a different way every week. You like to change up the order, swap out books now and then, and keep things fresh.
    E) In alphabetical order, of course.
  6. How would you describe your fashion style?
    A) Kind of all over the place. You take a bit from everything.
    B) Trendy.
    C) Comfortable.
    D) Experimental.
    E) Sophisticated.
  7. While babysitting, what story do you read for bedtime?
    A) They all look good, so you pick any 5 off the shelf.
    B) The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, or any Dr. Seuss book will do!
    C) Goodnight Moon. It’s a classic that never gets old, even after 1,000 times.
    D) Where the Wild Things Are.
    E) Pinkalicious because it’s perfectly pink.
  8. Which describes how you eat your Halloween candy?
    A) You eat everything at random!
    B) You pick out all your favorites and eat them first.
    C) You eat in a pattern. Chocolate. Lollipop. Chocolate. Lollipop. You get the picture!
    D) You look for candy you have never tried before. Gummy eyeballs, anyone?
    E) You pick out all the lame candy and give it to your younger brother.
  9. The place you most like to find books to read is . . .
    A) The library. The Librarian always has such great recommendations!
    B) The bookstore. You can check out the latest from your favorite author.
    C) At home. You can pick from all your old favorites.
    D) Anywhere. Cool books are everywhere if you keep your eyes open to the possibilities.
    E) Someplace where you will NOT be disturbed!

Leave your Reader Personality answers in the Comments, and click here to find out your results.

–Ratha, STACKS Writer

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  1. Emmanuella

    1. C
    2. E
    3. E
    4. C
    5. C
    6. E
    7. B
    8. I dont believe in celebrating Halloween. Its not Christian like.
    9. D

  2. Shriya

    These are my answers:

    1. B
    2. C
    3. E
    4. B
    5. E
    6. C
    7. E
    8. E
    9. A

    Please tell me what my personality is!! Thanks!!