January 30, 2013

January Books of the Month

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Writing_prompt_book_recommendationJanuary Books of the Month

The Books of the Month series continues! Here's how it works. You write the titles of the books you are reading right now, and I make a word cloud out of all your recommendations. So here they are! YOUR January book recommendations in Wordle-y wonderfulness! The more votes a title gets, the bigger the print. This month's winner looks like Harry Potter.


I need your help for next month's Book Wordle. Leave a Comment with the title of the book you are reading right now. In February, I will make a new word cloud of all our reads for the whole month. 

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  1. Krystal

    The Black Stallion
    Boys are Dogs
    And my favorite of ALL time,The Christy Miller Volume’s
    I’ve read all 4 volume’s it is amazing!

  2. booknook

    the hunger games they are an ausome series if you like the hunger games you should get the hunger games tribute guide it is better than the lord of the rings i read it and I think it is horrible!

  3. Adventurepegasus10

    Harry potter
    Hunger Games
    Percy jackson
    Heroes of the olympus
    Kane chronicles
    Middle school get me out of here
    Number the Stars
    I read alittle bit of Narnia
    Awesome books !!

  4. BookAmber28

    I vote for the Barcode Tattoo books. I’ve only read the first two but I’m already in love with it! p.s. there are only 3 books! they’re by Suzanne Weyn!

  5. Fairyemerald31

    Harry Potter
    Percy Jackson and the Olympians
    Heroes of Olympus
    The 39 Clues
    39 Clues Cahills vs. Vespers
    Whatever After
    Sisters Grimm
    Dear America

  6. randomguy

    try the knife of never letting go (grade 9 and up). and the book thief. oh, and alex rider and the mysterious benedict society!