December 23, 2013

2013 Person of the Year

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writing_prompt_genericEnter YOUR nomination for the STACKS 2013 Person of the Year

Pope Francis has just been named as Time Magazine‘s person of the year. But just as highly anticipated . . . get ready to vote for the 2013 STACKS Person of the Year!

In 2012, you guys chose One Direction as STACKS Person (ok, People!) of the Year. This year, who will it be?

Who has inspired you? Wowed you? Made you want to be a better person? Maybe you look up to him or her. Or maybe it is someone so incredibly talented and entertaining, that you couldn’t get through the day without listening to his or her music, or reading his or her stories.

Just write your nomination in the Comments below. The nominee who gets the most votes by December 31st will be named STACKS Person of the Year. We’ll announce the winner in 2014!

We can’t wait to see your nominees. Come on back on January 2 to find out the 2013 STACKS Person of the Year!

Merry Merry, Happy Happy!

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

  1. Isabella

    1. NELSON MANDELA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2. Any author who writes and publishes through the Scholastic Publishing Company
    3. Jamie Grace (A singer.)
    4. Britt Nicole (Another singer.)

  2. Anna

    I would nominate Rick Riordan and J.K. Rowling who are both amazing authors. They are the ones who made me want to be an author when I’m older because they are so creative.

  3. bluecat2757

    Wow, I guess I love them too, and so does my elder sister. Cool! We’re thinking the same way, let’s be friends!

  4. bluecat2757

    I guess that’s my little sister. She is good at playing the piano, but the thing is that she has written a book called “My Diary” about her summer in the Math Camp. She told a lot in this book – what was easy and what was difficult, how it was to make new friends and so many details that we could never imagine. With the help of this book, I finally accepted Math Club at school. I’m very thankful to Saige.

  5. Adventurepegasus10

    J.K Rowling inspires me because she taught me through her books to be creative and imaginative. Also, she opened the doors to creativity to me. When I finished her series, I came of stronger and more mature. Harry, Ron, Hermione stand up for themselves and their friends, stand their ground and fight for what they believe in. Whenever I am feeling “down” I always think of her book characters and how in the end no matter how many sacrifices were committed and how many people died and suffered they still were jubilant and moved on with life(I meant that as in they didn’t constantly cry and just do nothing)

  6. breezebrain39

    Nelson Mandela should be the 2013 STACKS person of the year. He made a big impact on people this year and was a really big influence.

  7. Turquoisebeige

    Kristen Bell and Indina Menzel if you don’t know who they are they were in Frozen ,Kristen playing Anna and Indina playing Elsa . They are so good at acting.




    I agree with Jennifer and nelson but I don’t think 1d should win because they’ve already won and they should give someone else a chance.


    I think Joey King should be stacks person of the year because this was her breakout year. She voiced China Girl in Oz the Great and Powerful. She came out in White House Down and came out in one of the #1 movies in America. She has inspired many people including me to just express ourselves.

  11. Wolfwerewolg415

    The person that has inspires me is, Percy Jackson. I know that he is a book character, but he inspired me in, helping your friends, and standing for what you believe in. And that’s how Percy inspires me.

  12. kaylie

    well my name is kaylie and this is my first time on here and i do not what to say but i know that i am so amazing and i love to type and write and i am realy fun and funny and so is my family and we always lagh and i do not kno about you but i have 4 memmbers in my famliy and i love writing i do not know what is wrong with me and has you can see i havewrote a lot and this mt frist time on this blog and now i will say this meery chismas thank thank you so much i love writing and typing thank ou so muck i do not know how manny times i have to say it and i will be getting on this agin and a lot so what ever you do commet write me back when you have a chance i love this website it is so cool and did you know that people think that cheerleading is not a sport but i am a cheerleader so i would no.

  13. Artemisdragon380

    RACHEL CARSON! She is dead now, (RIP) but come on! She set the environmental movement! She was the first person to combine science and writing in an exciting way against all odds! Without her, where would the world be? Her book, Silent Spring, convinced the government to make environmental laws! She is my hero!

  14. GorrilaPolorBear757

    1. One Direction. With a new album, perfume, movie and anti- bulling campaign that raised so much plus teenage kicks one way or another that raised even more money for people in Africa. They are such down to earth boys who really care.

    2. Nelson Mandela. Even though he died he left a lasting impression on the earth. He was a wonderful man.

    3. Jennifer Lawence. She won a Grammy and starred in Catching Fire (my fav movie) and the Hunger Games. She is a wonderful role model.

    That’s it. Thnx STACKS. These people are amaZAYN!

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