December 10, 2012

Writing Prompt: Things I Never Get Tired Of

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Writing_prompt_genericWriting Prompt: Things I Never Get Tired Of

Some things you get bored with easily. . . and some things you just never get tired of! Today's Writing Prompt asks you to think about the things that always, always make you happy no matter how many times you see them or do them. Here are some things I never get tired of.


  • A sunset over the beach.
  • A baby eating his or her own toes.
  • A campfire crackling.
  • The ground below when you take off from an airplane.
  • A dog chasing his own tail. (Babies and dogs always get me!!)
  • Christmas tree lights.
  • The first snowfall!

What are the things YOU never get tired of? Let us know in the Comments below!

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

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