December 4, 2012

What Celebrity Type Are You? Personality Quiz

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Trivia_quiz2Personality Quiz: What's Your Celebrity Personality?

If you were a rich and famous celebrity, would you be a diva, a superstar, a tabloid sensation, a recluse, or just down to earth like regular people? Take our Personality Quiz to find out.

  1. Which celebrity do you admire most?
    A) Justin Bieber B) Mariah Carey C) Johnny Depp D) One Direction guys E) Lady Gaga
  2. Which TV show would you be on?
    A) American Idol B) Dancing With the Stars C) Survivor D) Good Luck, Charlie E) Jersey Shore
  3. If you were a dessert you would be a . . .
    A) Hot fudge sundae with ALL the toppings B) Crème brulee – from the finest French bakery C) Sugar cookie with a surprise chocolate peanut butter cup in the center D) Simple piece of chocolate cake E) Spectacular 3-foot-high wedding cake
  4. Your favorite cartoon character is . . .
    A) SpongeBob B) Miss Piggy (Ok, Muppets can count!) C) Gumball D)  Phineas & Ferb E) Scooby Doo
  5. What’s your ideal way to spend a Friday night?
    A) Put on a talent show for 100 of your closest friends B) Go to a fancy restaurant for a super expensive meal C) Curl up by the fireplace with a good book D) Hang out with your family and play board games E) Go somewhere where you can see and be seen, like the mall or night club 
  6. You are most known for being . . .
    A) A multi-talented wonder — you do it all! B) Perfect at your craft C) A puzzle wrapped in an enigma. No one can figure you out! D) A team player E) Loud and over the top!
  7. Your celebrity hideaway retreat would be . . .
    A) Houses in Paris, Rome, the Caribbean, Monte Carlo & a few other places B) A Beverly Hills mansion renovated to your exact specifications C) A secret mountain villa (You’re not telling the location!) D) An impoverished country where you can help people less fortunate than you E)  It doesn’t matter. The paparazzi will find you anywhere! 
  8. If you were a dog you would be a . . .
    A) Exotic Snickerdoodle B) Pouty Yorkie C) Actually, you would be a cat. D) Friendly Golden Retriever E) Sensational Great Dane
  9. At the school talent show, you prefer to be . . .
    A) The star of the show B) Perfect in every way. No one upstages you! C) Getting as little attention as possible D) Part of a group E) Causing a sensation, maybe for being slightly unusual or even controversial
  10. Whom do you plan to marry when you’re older?
    A)  Another famous celebrity B) You doubt you will ever meet anyone who deserves you! C) You’re not telling! D) Your childhood sweetheart E) Someone wild and crazy, like a rock star!

Leave your Celebrity Personality predictions in the Comments, and find out your results.

–Ratha, STACKS Writer

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  1. chickenhorse27

    ONE DIERECTION IS CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. PianoGirl6

    …and to all the people who have been wondering where I’ve been…I’m not saying! ;)