December 17, 2012

Create a Caption: Holiday Cat

CreateacaptionCreate a Caption: Holiday Cat

Many of you know I have 2 insane cats, so obviously, I do not have a Christmas tree in my apartment. I can only imagine the mayhem I would come home to if I left those 2 alone with a tree full of dangling, glittery things for them to play with/destroy. Today’s Create a Caption photo demonstrates my problem perfectly.

What do you think this playful Christmas kitty is saying up there in its tree?

Caption10I think it is saying,”Deck the halls with pretty kitty! Fa la la la la, la la la la!”

Or “Jingle bells, jingle bells! Kitty climbed the tree!”

Leave YOUR captions in the Comments. Happy Holidays!

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

Flickr photo by tiffa130

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  1. phoenixsekhmet8

    Tree powers, activate! *doot*
    *stands there as christmas tree* or
    This is my tree. Not yours. MINE!! *eats pine needle*

  2. fairyfrost34

    Why do the humans torture me so? Place me in a tree so I can’t get out…
    See, this is what happens when you leave me alone for an hour.
    Hey, human! I said get me out!

  3. ghostblue21

    I think it’s thinking, “If they spend so much time looking at that stupid tree instead of me, I’ll just get on the tree, too!” :)
    P.S. That is SO CUTE!!

  4. SapphireDragon185

    I think it is saying:
    “How does Santa do this?”
    “I wasn’t doing anything bad, the tree just ate me.”

  5. bluebird4505

    cat:alright for todays tree wether we have 99%chance of christmas lights falling out of the tree and a chance of hurricane santa……

  6. gamecrazy20

    our dog is a little mini pincher and shes playing with our cat but the cat does not like what shes doing to her back