December 23, 2012

2012 Person of the Year!

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Writing_prompt_generic2012 PERSON OF THE YEAR!

Time Magazine has their Person of the Year, and now presenting the first ever . . . STACKS Person of the Year!

Tell us the person OR group of people that have had the biggest impact in YOUR world this year. Just write your nomination in the Comments below. The nominee who gets the most comments by December 31st will be named STACKS Person of the Year. We’ll announce the winner on New Year’s Day.

You can go serious, silly, or somewhere in between. President Obama, One Direction, The Fierce Five Olympians, Taylor Swift . . . You get the idea.
We can’t wait to see who you nominate.

Come back on New Year’s Day for the 2012 STACKS Person of the Year Winner!

Happy Happy!

—Ratha, STACKS Writer

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  1. purple pandas

    I have a lot of people who are important in my life! Most of them are authors and song writers but this time I have someone that you would least expect . . . my third grade teacher! She is so awesome!

  2. Autumunleprechaun1

    Homeless people becuase when we want to get food what do we do we turn on the stove or drive to a place. They have to hold up a cardboard board begging for food. Just stop and look in there eyes the sadness the empyt stomachs and hearts. They must feel bad while someone stares at them and then drives away. Just wonder.

  3. RyGuy

    I think that homeless people should win. Because when its cold out we throw on a sweater and when we need food we turn on the oven or drive somewhere. What do homeless people do the hold up a sign for days asking begging for food. You know how I realized this, I looked in the eyes of the man smiling as I handed him a dollar. A dollar! Think about it.

  4. the #1 commenter

    I nominate Gabby Douglas! She is very sweet and caring and a real inspiration for me and so many other people! She also promotes fitness and other things that make the people in America better! I think Gabby Douglas should be the 2012 Person of the Year! Thanks, and go gabby!