December 23, 2012

2012 Person of the Year!

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Writing_prompt_generic2012 PERSON OF THE YEAR!

Time Magazine has their Person of the Year, and now presenting the first ever . . . STACKS Person of the Year!

Tell us the person OR group of people that have had the biggest impact in YOUR world this year. Just write your nomination in the Comments below. The nominee who gets the most comments by December 31st will be named STACKS Person of the Year. We’ll announce the winner on New Year’s Day.

You can go serious, silly, or somewhere in between. President Obama, One Direction, The Fierce Five Olympians, Taylor Swift . . . You get the idea.
We can’t wait to see who you nominate.

Come back on New Year’s Day for the 2012 STACKS Person of the Year Winner!

Happy Happy!

—Ratha, STACKS Writer

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  1. artisticat73

    i would nominate ONE DIRECTION! they have made a big impact on my life because its the first time i was really involved in a band and really liked the way that they would sing it showed off a diferent side of me as a person. one direction has changed my life and how i view things i love you one D !

  2. spellingfaith

    I think Michelle Obama should be the Person of the Year for 2012.She started the “Let’s Move” program to help kids exercise more.

  3. Indescribeableauthor3

    I nominate Demi Lovato as person of the year. She is sweet, caring, and an amazing person. Demi Lovato is my role model and she is such an inspiration.

  4. bearaqua871

    i woud definetly vote for one direction!!!!!!!!!!!I love all of thier songs!!!and the person i like is the one with the curly hair.they are all awesome.

  5. chattyangel42

    I’m voting for One Direction XD. They’re all so talented and nice! I think they should be nominated because they’ve gotten really popular this year and they deserve to win something similar to Stacks Person of the Year :) .

  6. Caroline

    Either Taylor Swift (total Swiftie!), One Direction (Directioner here!), or Mitt Romney. Taylor Swift because she’s really inspirational and is very good role model for girls. One Direction because they’re just simply downright AMAZING! Mitt because I think he really cares about our country and had such great ideas.

  7. harrypotterisbeast

    I nominate my teachers at my old school from where I graduated earlier this spring. They taught me so much and since it was like a K-12 school I’ve been with them for years and I’ll definitely say they had a huge impact on me especially this year.
    ~harrypotterisbeast (because, obviously, he is)

  8. gamecrazy20

    sorry guys that was my sisters thing but i forgot to type mine in i nominate mitt romney cuz I think he would have lead us to a better country

  9. bluebird4505

    i would definetly vote for mitt romney he is the best person in the world like hes nice smart and dresses awesomely MY FAMLIY LOVES YOU MITT ROMNEY!ANY BODY ELSE THAT LIKES MITT ROMNEY ADD ME AS A FRIEND