November 26, 2012

Writing Prompt: Mythical Creature

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Writing_prompt_rainbow_penWriting Prompt: Mythical Creature

Would you like to be an angel . . . or an alien . . . or a vampire? How about a unicorn . . . or a mermaid . . . or a basilisk (like the deadly snake in Harry Potter)?

Welcome to the world of mythical creatures! Webster’s Dictionary defines a mythical creature as “a monster renowned in folklore and myth.”
Many mythical creatures have supernatural powers, some good and some evil. In literature, they range from the Greek and Roman gods, to creatures in fairy tales, to Edward from Twilight (for ages 12 and up)!

Well, today’s Write On Writing Prompt comes to us from Shadow Princess who has been thinking about mythical creatures herself.

What kind of mythical creature would you be?

I would be a fairy!
What about you guys? What mythical creature would YOU be? Let us know in the Comments below. Let’s see how many crazy answers we can get!

— Ratha, Stacks Writer

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  1. purple pandas

    I would love to be a half blood! I love Annebeth Chase! It would also be cool to be a satyr or a tree nymph like juniper! (It only makes sense if you have read percy jackson series! Best books EVER!!!!!!!!!)

  2. DragonDreamer19

    I would have to say a Dragon, hands down! beautiful, deadly, magical, mysterious! being able to fly and breath fire or other kinds of breath weapons would be amazing! oh ya definitely a Dragon.

  3. horsegriffin27

    Two mythical creatures:
    A unicorn, because, duh, I love horses!
    And two, a griffin. They’re so pretty! Well, either a griffin or a hippogriff, you know, from Harry Potter.

  4. Kailan

    I probably would be a dragon, shapeshifter, a witch, or a vampire. I can’t decide, but I’m inclined to think the last one!

  5. chattychihuahua5

    I would so be a blue drgon. Didn’t even have to think about that one, I love dragons. Or I would be a Dragon Rder, like Eragon in the Inheritance books.

  6. llamalover1234

    I would want to be a flying alpaca
    at least the eter button works here,I think :/

  7. bookwormgirl45

    I would be a witch or demigod(if they are counted as “creatures”)or I guess I’ll just settle for a pixie