October 9, 2012

Your Age in Book Years

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Trivia_quiz1Your Age in Book Years

You know how dogs’ ages are different in dog years than in human years? Supposedly, 1 year of human life equals 7 years of dog life. So a 6-year-old dog is really like a 42-year-old human! Well I was wondering if that applies to other things too. . . like those of us who read a lot.

If you read a lot of books, does that make you age differently? Get a pencil and paper, and take this fun (strictly non-scientific) quiz to find out your age in book years.

  • How many books do usually you read per week?
  • Multiply this number by 2.
  • Add 5.
  • Multiply it by 50.
  • If you have already had your birthday this year, add 1762.
    If you haven’t, add 1761.
  • Now subtract the 4-digit year that you were born.

The total number you get is your age in book years, but notice the cool part. The first digit of this number is your reading number (how many books you read per week).
The last 2 numbers are YOUR HUMAN AGE!

Cool, right? Leave a Comment telling us your age in book years!

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  1. Krista

    I’m 12 and I got 1612! How am I not wrinkly or DEAD?! Lol I read about 16 books a week and I am twelve years old !

  2. autumnsunshine

    i am 212 in book years. Something me and my Mom figured out is that if you don’t read anybooks you are the same age as you are in human years. ;)

  3. isispanda2

    I’m 12 and I got 312! I read about 3 books per week, but it’s probably because I read long books and have like no time to read!

  4. anonymous 5th graders

    Dear Stacks Blogger,
    Thank you for your post about how to determine your book age! How did you come up with this idea? We can’t wait to find out what you are going to write about next.
    Anonymous 5th graders