October 23, 2012

Halloween Trivia Quiz

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HalloweenHalloween Trivia Quiz!

Ready for a haunted Halloween? Or do you prefer the treats to the tricks? Whether you like your Halloween super scary, or light and airy, take our Halloween Trivia Quiz to get in the mood!

  1. What is another name for Halloween? ___ ______ ___ (Hint: 3 words)  
  2. When did trick-or-treating first start in America?

    A. 1492
    B. 1615
    C. 1911
    D. 1968  
  3. In Mexico, the day after Halloween is a giant celebration called Dia de los Muertos. What does this mean in English?  
  4. What was the most popular Halloween costume for kids in 2011?

    A. Vampire
    B. Batman
    C. Princess  
  5. What was the most popular adult costume in 2011?

    A. Ghost
    B. Angry Bird character
    C. Witch  
  6. What animal do you NOT want to cross your path or else you’ll have bad luck?  
    A. 3-toed sloth  B. Purple gerbil C. Black cat
  7. What monster creation was made from a corpse and brought to life by electricity? (Hint: There is more than 1 possible answer.)
  8. Where did Count Dracula live?

    A. Cairo, Egypt
    B. Transylvania, Romania
    C. Hollywood, California  
  9. What strong smelling food will keep vampires away?
    A. Apple pie B. Moldy cheese C. Garlic 

Summon the spirits for help, leave your answers in the Comments, and then check your answers!

— Ratha, Stacks Writer

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  1. chayna

    1.all hallows eve
    3.day of the dead
    5.angry bird
    6.black cat
    ps. day of the dead is celebrated october 31- november 2