October 17, 2012

Goosebumps Create a Caption

20logoGoosebumps Create a Caption

He’s the evil puppet everyone loves to hate! Slappy has been scaring readers since the release Goosebumps: Night of the Living Dummy in 1993. With his painted-on grin and beat up bow-tie, Slappy looks like an ordinary ventriloquist dummy. But looks can be very deceiving. This trouble-making block of wood is anything but dumb! He’s a walking, talking, trash-talking terror!


Leave a Comment with your caption for this menacing Slappy pic!

–Amabel, Scholastic Media

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  1. Stack3r$

    Trick or treat,
    that can’t beat,
    you are something good to eat!
    I’ll grab my fork
    my spoon too
    and eat you with some beef stew

  2. marry b.

    Hey peeps!Goosebumps is a little weird…But totally NOT scary!Duh I think goosebumps need a boost!And they should be called: The scare!The name could be better but the story’s are OKAY. :)
    Marry b.

  3. bookwormpiglet5

    I’ve always been afraid of Slappy. But now I want a puppet!I only have two of these,but I want more:-)

  4. madison

    your books are really
    great! I love the werewolve
    of fever swamp it’s so
    breath taking and so mysterious! i hope you make a another one of fever swamp!

  5. aquasnout9

    Slappy laughing as the children came closer to him by the potion hypnotized the children, then the parents arriving the front door slappy quikly grabbed the potion but it was to late the parents took the potion and slammed it to the ground…