September 10, 2012

You Know You’re Back to School When. . .

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BackToSchoolBack-to-School Writing Prompt

The school bell, a sound that inspires boredom at the beginning of the day or joy at the end of one. Still, the extremely loud sound that echoes through hallways and classrooms is one of many sure signs that you’re back in school. And then there’s the freezing cold wait at the bus stop to remind you of a long day of learning.

But you really know you’re back to school when. . .

  • the alarm goes off before the sun is even up!
  • you spend days decorating binders and books with brand-new highlighters and Sharpie markers.
  • your mom says you’re not allowed to play video games on school nights.
  • you can’t identify the hot lunch on your plate. What *is* that?? Yuck.
  • epic recess basketball games carry over for days!
  • you are reading a book not for fun but for a book report. (If you’re lucky, it’ll be on a book you can choose by yourself!)
  • you start to break your day down by periods instead of hours.

What reminds you that you’re back in school? Jot your thoughts down in the Comments!

—Elysse, STACKS Writer

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  1. amber

    i love to read but i can only read books that i am interested in and if i dont read books that i like it would probely take a month for me to read 15 pages but when i get assigned books for class thati dont like i just have to take because that just the way school works
    (: lol

  2. tacosfriendenchilada!

    what reminds me of going back to school is waking up to get ready as i dread walking. it is when my parents want me to got to bed early and it is when i am asking “why does school start so early?” but i love seeing all of my favorite bestest friends! That is when school starts!

  3. blakeyyyyyy

    shool reaminds me of going to the docter it makes feel like death.I have lots of other things to do but if i have to but i do enjoy being with my friends and my new taechers are really nice

  4. super susi

    I know I`M back in school when:
    -I have huge black circles under my eyes
    -it´s two o´clock and, instead of just having gotten up, I already have most of the day behind me
    -I am surrounded by complete chaos and loud screaming and laughing (my class during lessons <3)

  5. Riku

    I know school has started because the hour im in ELA goes on forever ic ant stay up late playing video games ihalso have homework and have to wake up at 6 oclock booooooo
    The only good things are math, science,and seeing my friends ervrey day monday through friday

  6. BreakingBull122

    K So you want to Know What Reminds me of school *Teachers Making You Do Work
    *NO Staying Awake At Night
    <3 Be Able To See Your Best Friends
    *Mean Teachers
    *Book Reports!
    <3 Nice Teachers
    <3 Reading :3
    <3Epic Foods In Lunch
    <3 ePIC Snacks candybar,poptarts,and Donuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *D; Bad Food In Lunch

  7. cakeorange29

    First of all I think everbody hates going back to school hears some examples crying
    2.teachers talk all day
    thats what it’s like on the first day

  8. lightningthief3

    Well I know that the school is coming a couple days before, getting school supplies 2 weeks before the week of school, having out the last weekend with lots of friends and being on the STACKS the afternoon before school starts.

  9. cerberusmist1

    I know when im back at school when the lunch room is louder than air horns :D .I also know it when im waiting for math class to end.

  10. aquacat586

    When you get dinner 7 hours after lunch so you’re really hungry. You can’t pick your lunch, so if it’s something gross, so be it!

  11. elfheroine1

    It reminds me thats its school when, I can’t pick up the book I was reading last night, and stay in bed for hours reading, cuz I have to go to school. :( Such a sad day. . .so sad Summers over!
    May the Force be with You,

  12. Fairyemerald31

    For some reason I think I am the only person on the planet who likes school, hates soda and video games{besides the computer}, and loves to read. Thankfully, it isn’t true. I know I’m back in school when:
    -It starts raining{it did}
    -I go to bed earlier
    -I get to see my friends again
    -I can play nonstop four-square for ten to twenty minutes
    -Homework!!!!! Boooo!!!!!!!!!

  13. harrypotterisbeast

    Weeeeellll…when do I know I’m back to school? When I’m already familiarized with the chaos. The pandemonium. The absolute havoc that accompanies high school hallways…just like it is in the movies.
    And the clumps of girls squealing around my locker because it happens to be right next to the locker of one of the popular girls. *grrrrr* D:< :D But that’s alright.