September 28, 2012

Jake Short A.N.T. Farm Interview Part II

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JakeJake Short A.N.T. Farm Interview Part II

We know you love your A.N.T. Farm, and love your boy Jake Short, so here we are back with another interview! (Here is Part I in case you missed it.) Jake plays Fletcher on A.N.T. Farm. He’s the artistic genius, master sculptor, painter, all-around artist who is not-so-secretly in love with Chyna. We caught up with him to chat about some funny stuff and some serious stuff.

Q: Do you have a personal motto or favorite quote? 
Jake: I would say my favorite quote is, “Persevere.” I mean, I’ve never given up in the acting business and that’s one of the hardest things because there’s a lot of rejection and negative comments. You just gotta live through that.
Ratha: Well we’re glad you stuck with it!

Q: Do you have an unusual talent that people don’t know about?
Jake: Um, I can touch my tongue to my nose. When I first started trying it I couldn’t do it, but I kept trying and trying until I could do it.
Ratha: He DOES persevere!
Jake: Then when I really could do it, I could pick my nose.
Ratha: Oh my!

Q: Who is the person you look up to the most?
Jake: My brother. He’s just sort of always been there for me, and I love him to death. He’s 19 and in college studying business.

Q: If you could make your own flavor of ice cream, what would be in it?
Jake: Bacon-flavored ice cream. And there would be syrup on it.

Q: What would you call it?
Jake: Um, Bacon ice cream.
Ratha: How cool! Jake loves bacon too!

Q: Tell us about your experiences with bullying.
Jake: I’ve been bullied in the past. I think it’s been around so long but I think it’s gotten progressively worse, and more deaths have come from it. I was actually bullied when I was in 4th grade and had a lot of kids who just didn’t like me.
I was a short kid and my last name is Short. And people, when they find something that bothers you, they just want to keep repeating it to make you more upset so they can get a rise out of you. That’s what bullies want. Either they just don’t realize they’re doing it, or something’s wrong like with their family. Or they have to be mean because they have some sort of anger they can’t express.

People teased me a lot, and I would go home and I’d be like, “Mom, they teased me,” and I would cry and I’d be like, “It’s so upsetting. People are not nice to me.” My mom helped me and my grandma helped me through it. Then I just sort of tried to ignore it.

Q: Do you have any suggestions on what a kid should do?
Jake: Sometimes if you talk to the bully. . . I mean, usually if you confront them, they become at a loss for words. And have a friend back you up if you need it.

I think it’s so great Jake can speak on something so real. Have you ever been bullied, or even played the part of a bully? Let us know your perspective, and what you think of our guy Jake Short. Drop a line in the Comments below. Until next time.

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

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  1. orangelamb12

    I love A.N.T Farm. I probably haven’t missed an episode. So I think it’s really cool that they got an interview of him. He’s so cute :D

  2. Flor

    Jake.. I Cant Believed You Were Bullied And What DO They Say Now.. I Guess They WOuld Be Saying.. OMG..!! I KNOW JAKE SHORT HE WAS IN 4TH GRADE WITH ME And I Used To Bully Him.. Thank God You ARe Here.. BY The Way I LOVE YOU JAKE SHORT..!! I AM A BIG FAN LIKE YOU CANT IMAGINE LOVE YOU .!

  3. magicnecklace4

    hey, i love watching ant farm but i do not have cable i have the disney app on my phone try making new episodes fast so they come on the app fast please i am a big fan of you please thanks!

  4. v

    wooh this is big o yeah fletcher i mean jake i have some cool ideas for your show write back to me here some time this week or weekend olsta la vesta