September 25, 2012

After-School Snack Personality Quiz

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PieWhat After-School Snack Are You?

Due to the popularity of our Fruit Personality Quiz, today we’ve got a new personality quiz to celebrate your back-to-school lifestyle. We bet you’ve always wondered . . . if you were an after-school snack, what would you be? Sweet? Salty? Totally organic?

Answer these 3 questions!

  1. You like foods that are:
    a. salty
    b. crunchy and organic
    c. sweet, like you!
    d. fun to eat but healthy
  2. The character you most identify with is:
    a. The Planters Peanut
    b. Annoying Orange
    c. The Blue M&M
    d. Chuck E. Cheese
  3. You start off your day:
    a. tired – when is naptime?
    b. with lots of energy!
    c. excited for all the fun activities you have planned.
    d. with a bowl of Wheaties and a healthy outlook.

Write your answers in the Comments below. Then click here to see (drumroll!) what after-school snack YOU are!

—Ratha, STACKS Writer

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