August 21, 2012

Back-to-School Would You Rather

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WouldYouRatherBack-to-School Would You Rather

The first day of school is a huge deal. What are you going to wear? What are you going to eat for lunch? What are your classes going to be like?

The first day of school is also the worst possible day to have something embarrassing happen. No one wants to be known for the rest of the school year as the kid with a piece of lettuce in her teeth on the first day, or the kid who was walking around on the first day of school with a piece of toilet paper stuck to the bottom of his shoe.

Would You Rather is all about making tough choices, so let us know what YOU would rather have happen on that oh-so-important first day of school.

Would you rather . . . 

  1. Get chewing gum stuck in your hair OR trip and fall on your face in front of your crush?
  2. Slip in mud and ruin your first-day outfit OR have a really bad hair day on the first day?
  3. Get the really mean teacher who barely gives any homework OR the really nice teacher who gives way too much homework?
  4. Rip the seat of your pants OR get a giant stain on the front of your shirt?
  5. Be the latest to arrive to class OR the last one to get picked up after school?
  6. Show up a day early OR a day late?
  7. Have Hagrid as your headmaster/principal OR Severus Snape?
  8. Forget your lucky pen OR walk around all day with your backpack open and not have anyone tell you?
  9. Find a hair in your cafeteria hot lunch OR find something green oozing out of the mystery meat hamburger?
  10. Get detention OR get the cheese touch?

Give us your answers in the Comments below! Got an embarrassing first day of school story? Put that in the Comments, too! We LOVE embarrassing stories!

En-Szu, STACKS Intern (a.k.a. MidnightMagic5)

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  1. SilverActor18

    1.chewing gum stuck in my hair
    2.really bad hair day
    3.really mean teacher
    4.giant stain on the front of my shirt
    5.last one to get picked up from school late
    8.lucky pen in my caf lunch

  2. Kristen

    Fall on my face in front of my crush
    Have a bad hair day
    Really nice teacher who gives a lot of homework
    Giant Stain. I have very childish underwear…
    Last one to get picked up.
    A day late
    Forget my lucky pen
    Green oozing out of the meat of the hamburger.

  3. Emma

    1.chewing gum 2.bad hair day 3.mean teacher 4.giant stain 5.latest one late 7.???? backpack 9.find hair 10.detention

  4. horsepurple243

    My answers are….
    1.Gum in my hair
    2.Fall in the mud
    3.Really nice teacher
    4.Giant stain on my shirt
    5.Last to arrive in class(that happened already)
    6.Day early (at least no one will notice me)
    7.I don’t know who either of them are
    8.Lucky pen
    9. Neither….. I don’t eat school lunch
    10.Cheese touch

  5. Ghostly

    1. Trip and Fall infront of crush
    2. Bad Hair
    3. Really Mean Teacher
    4. A stain on my shirt
    5. Last to be picked at school
    6. Day early
    7. Hagrid
    8. Lucky Pen
    9. Hair >.> Yuck
    10. Detention

  6. musicangel36

    1.Trip and fall NEXT to my crush.
    2.Bad hair day: they would know what’s wrong
    3.nice teacher cause mine
    only gives 30 mins full of hmwrk.
    4.get a stain -just wear a jacket.
    5.last one to be picked up early
    7. Hagrid ,I guess.
    8.lucky pen
    9. find a hair (it could be my own!)
    10.cheese touch (cause in my school we have world and royal touch which means you are protected and NO one can cheese touch you.

  7. tino

    1.gum in my hair!
    2.bad hair day!
    3.really nice teacher
    4.stain on your shirt
    5.last to be picked up early
    8.lucky pen in food