July 3, 2012

Fruit Personality Quiz

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PieWhat Type of Fruit Are You?

We have a new Personality Quiz today from DanielSurfing on the Reading Buzz Board. Your answers to these questions will reveal your fruit personality – because I know you have always wondered about that! Are you an apple, an orange, or maybe a kumquat? Answer these 3 questions and click here for the results

  1. People would best describe you as:
    a. funny, energetic, bright, zealous
    b. kind, sweet, cheerer-upper, nice
    c. plain, average, normal, hot-headed
    d. knowledgeable, smart, sweet, energetic
  2. If you saw a bully picking on a smaller kid, what would you do?
    a. Tell the bully to back off, or else.
    b. Ask the kid if she/he is okay after the bully picks on him/her.
    c. Watch. As much as you want to help, that bully will just take care of you as well.
    d. Go and tell an adult and/or higher authority.
  3. The food you are most like is:
    a. hot fudge sundae
    b. vanilla cupcake
    c. vanilla ice cream
    d. Rocky Road ice cream

Thanks, DanielSurfing! This is an awesome quiz!

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

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  1. funnypainting3

    1.get pushed in a pool with my favorite summer outfit on
    2.ride the fastest speed boat in the world
    3.swim near a waterfall with favorite singer/band
    4.go to work with parents for a day
    5.painful sunburn on my shoulders
    6.get hit with a water ballon by your secret crush
    7.go to the most exciting sleep-away camp in the world without my friends
    8.spend three days at the beach with friends
    9.control water like percy jackson

  2. cr0c