July 10, 2012

Summer Fun Would You Rather?

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WouldYouRatherWith all this hot weather we’re having, there’s nothing more fun than spending a day at the beach or the pool! The smell of sunscreen, the cool waves lapping against your feet, and the sounds of laughter all around are what summer is all about. That, and, of course, NO SCHOOL!!! This summer, while you are splashing around and cooling off with your friends at the pool. . .

Would you rather. . . .

  1. Get buried in the sand while wearing your favorite summer outfit, OR get pushed into the pool wearing that same outfit?
  2. Sail the seas with Captain Jack Sparrow OR ride the fastest speed boat in the world?
  3. Go fishing on a lake with your favorite movie star OR swim near a waterfall with your favorite singer/band?
  4. Go to work with your parents for a day OR babysit your brother and sister all day?
  5. Get toasted marshmallows in your hair OR a painful sunburn on your shoulders?
  6. Get hit with a water balloon thrown by your secret crush OR have your brother/sister throw a water balloon filled with grape juice at you in front of your crush?
  7. Go to the most exciting sleep-away camp in the world without any of your friends OR go to the most boring camp in your area with all of your friends?
  8. Spend three days at the beach with your friends OR a have week-long party at your house?
  9. Be able to control the water like Percy Jackson OR have power over lightning and air like Jason Grace?
  10. Go to Camp Half-Blood OR Camp Jupiter?

As you’re sitting by the pool enjoying the sun, think these over, and leave your responses in the Comments!

—Elysse, STACKS Writer

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  1. BookAmber28

    buried in the sand,
    Jack Sparrow,
    go fishing,
    by crush,
    exciting camp,
    week long party,
    Camp Half-Blood.

  2. dragoncheeseburger36

    1. get pushed into a pool
    2. captain jack sparrow
    3. go fishing
    4. go to work with my parents
    5. marshmellows in my hair
    6. have a sibling throw a water balloon at me
    7. go to the most exciting camp
    8. spend three days with friends at the beach
    9. power over lightning and air
    10. camp half blood

  3. pugdragon39

    1.get burried in the sand.
    2.sail the sea with jack sparrow
    3.singer at waterfall
    6.water baloon by crush
    7.boing camp
    8.3 day beach
    9.air lighting

  4. anthony

    1.get pushed in the pool
    2.ride the fastest speed boat
    3.go fishing with dude from mrs.doubtfire
    4.go to work with my parents
    5.painful sun burn on my shoulders
    6.get hit with a water balloon by my secret crush
    7.go to a fun camp without my friends
    8.spend three days at the beach
    9.be able to control the water
    10.camp half blood