June 4, 2012

Writing Prompt: Truth or Fiction?

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Writing_prompt_genericWriting Prompt: Weirdest Thing OR What’s True?

I totally love today’s Write On Writing Prompt. It comes to us from CoolChicken3 who gives us two choices:

Write about the weirdest thing that’s happened to you.
Write 3 statements (2 true and 1 false), and we have to guess which one is false.

So much fun, right? I couldn’t decide which to do . . . but I ended up picking the second. So here are 3 statements about myself. Can you guess which is false?  

  1. I have crawled through underground tunnels in Vietnam.
  2. I once almost drank a spider.
  3. I have 6 toes. FALSE

While visiting Vietnam I did crawl through the Ho Chi Minh tunnels which are now open to tourists. And once in the middle of the night, I almost drank a dead spider floating in my water glass. But I do NOT have 6 toes. (I am desperately in need of a pedicure, though.)

Thanks for the Writing Prompt, CoolChicken3! Which one are you going to answer? Leave YOUR answers below in the Comments. And if you do the 3 statements, don’t forget to leave the answer on which is false, so we can see if we guessed it right!

— Ratha, STACKS Writer

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  1. PurpleArtemis25

    1. I think bees are awesome
    2. I hate reading picture books.
    3. I have an adopted sister
    See if you can find the answer!!!

  2. julia

    1.I used to have a cat, but she was taken when I moved
    2.I have taken care of wild baby birds and a robin egg
    3.I have been to 3 amusement parks

  3. dragonphoenix59

    Ok, I’m doing the second one:
    1. I hate TV
    2. I have watched a bee die in glass of lime soda
    3. I have never thrown up in public
    Which one’s false?! ;)

  4. Labrador

    Why didn’t anyone do the first one? Oh well… i don’t have time for the first one now… I’ll come back later and do it. For now:
    1. I have bitten an ant.
    2. I have visited over 11 DIFFERENT places.
    3. I only read when my mom forces me.

  5. Chimeradragon

    1. I got to pet a grown mountain lion.
    2. I fell over on my first skiing attempt.
    3. I am deeply dismayed at “What Not to Wear” always trying to cut people’s hair.

  6. Dramaruby9

    I’m going to do the second one :)
    1.I have been in a musical
    2.I have been to India to worship Buddha
    3.I have eaten worms

  7. em

    -i have 914 books
    -when i was little i licked the bottom of shoes
    -i ate a pail of soil when i was five
    - my toe nails are painted pink

  8. greenathena22

    I just noticed nobody chose option #1!
    joyfulsalmon1-I am guessing you have more than 3 fingers
    silverdragon149-number 3???
    heres mine
    I have won 5 spelling bees
    I like broccoli
    I like cake and pizza
    1-true! I won 3 classroom bees, one school bee, and one at a pizza place (weird right)
    3-FALSE. I know I’m weird, i like broccoli but not cake or pizza!

  9. chartreusebird31

    1. My favorite museum in the world is the Museum de la Poupee in Paris.
    2. I have had surgery on my eye.
    3. I am skilled in papercraft (not origami) and I have made 10 bookmarks for my friends. :)

  10. dancingposeidon8

    1.i have been almost all over the world
    2.i have been chased by a bobcat
    3.i have eaten a bug ugh1

  11. survivingwriter2

    1.I have never read for 30 mins. straight
    2.I have 2 brothers
    3.I have a dog
    The false one is #….1

  12. Bella Rose.

    1. I hate chocolate
    2. I’m a Harry Potter fan!
    3. I’m an avid reader.
    Hint: Dark Chocolate is my favorite food.

  13. kimberly pinkcake 381

    i have one of the candy appels book and i love it the book i have is the boy next door

  14. Isla Silvercresent

    ok so guess
    1. I am a fantasy lover
    2. I love to eat mutton (goat meat)
    3. My hair is blond
    (#3 is a lie! I know what your thinking, MUTTON? But it’s actually good, tastes like chicken [lol jk just HAD to say that] it tasted like beef)