June 25, 2012

Million-Dollar Writing Prompt

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Writing_prompt_genericMillion-Dollar Writing Prompt

Today’s Write On Writing Prompt comes to us from WhiteBlack7 who challenges us with a question I would looooove to have to answer some day.

What would you do if you were rich?

Maybe you would give money to charity? Or buy lots of new stuff? Bling out your wardrobe? Help your family? Or a specific cause? The sky’s the limit. We can always dream!

Give a shout out to WhiteBlack7 in the Comments below with your answer. Inquiring minds want to know!

— Ratha, STACKS Writer

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  1. Blaine

    If I were amazingly rich, I would donate $12,000 to charity[$12,000 to human, $12,000 to animal]. Then I would give $14,000 to my parents to pay off debt. I would put $5,000 in a bank account, then the same in another, one for my brother and one for my sister. I would give enough money to my mom so that she could have her dream house designed and built[with four rooms specially to fill with books and read in]. I would buy my stepdad a building with a garage and tools to work on cars. I would buy all the books I could ever want, and the same for my mom. I would buy a black, four door truck. Then, I would put the rest into savings.

  2. pinkcandy646

    I would do a couple of things if i was rich like:
    -buy an iphone
    -buy a plane ticket to hawii
    -buy stylish clothes
    -give some money to a charity
    -give my room/house a makeover

  3. pinkcandy646

    If I was rich I would give some money to a charity and pay for stuff that I wanted like an iphone, sylish clothes,and my car for college. I wish that I was rich today!!!!!

  4. pinkcandy646

    If I was rich I would give some to a charity and buy whatever I wanted like a car, iphone, a mansion, and all of the clothes that I wanted. I wish that I was rich right now!

  5. witchunicorn5

    if i was a rich girl,na na na..
    mmmmm.buy a glass mansion with a room full of plants,two pools,a garden,an empty plot of land,give the money to my family and charity,marry a prince charming,have 7 kids.

  6. witchunicorn5

    i would open up a diomand shop.
    buy a HUGE mansion!
    create Camp half-blood.
    have a weddings where white orchids will be hanging from the wall,filled with lavender scent.
    marry a prince.
    have 7 kids.

  7. Eugenie

    If i where rich i would pay for college and save it for when i would need it in the coming time. I would use it to help my parents pay off debt. I would not use any of it for myself exepct for college.

  8. Kashish

    Oh, silly me. I forgot that some also has to go to one direction and hopefully I can pay them to like come perform for my party or something. Good times……