June 25, 2012

Million-Dollar Writing Prompt

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Writing_prompt_genericMillion-Dollar Writing Prompt

Today’s Write On Writing Prompt comes to us from WhiteBlack7 who challenges us with a question I would looooove to have to answer some day.

What would you do if you were rich?

Maybe you would give money to charity? Or buy lots of new stuff? Bling out your wardrobe? Help your family? Or a specific cause? The sky’s the limit. We can always dream!

Give a shout out to WhiteBlack7 in the Comments below with your answer. Inquiring minds want to know!

— Ratha, STACKS Writer

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  1. Julia

    if i was inimitably rich, i would buy a mansion and pay off my our debt. then get anything we ever want.

  2. elfheroine1

    ho hum, I would pay off all the stuff my parents need too. Buy some stuff I want, donate to a rescue farm near me. . .and go to Celebration VI in Orlando Florida!! Disney as well! But LOTS AND LOTS of donations!

  3. linerider

    First, I would buy a HUGE, empty plot of land. Second, I would buy every LEGO City, LEGO World City, and LEGO Town set (the last two are older names for LEGO City). After that, I would arrange them into a huge LEGO metropolis in the plot of land. I would donate most of the extra cash (If any).

  4. katie

    if i were rich, i would buy myself a mansion and have a pool in the backyard, a library with loads of books, serveants, and all that is left i will donate to charity except for one hundred dollars.

  5. Labrador

    First I would donate some to charity. Then I would help my family and find a way to make more money (maybe start a company or something). Then I would buy books, books, and more books!

  6. Isla Silvercresent

    I would probably buy a new huge house and decorate it all by myself and donate money to children’s medical research and then i would buy myself a new wardrobe and become a fencer!!

  7. Annanonomys

    I would support my family, and donate to charity. I would buy a home for my family and maybe one in Parii!! I would max out my closed with shoes and help people in need!!!! :)

  8. aquacat586

    I would probably help endangered animals with it because so many people are using it for world hunger, sickness and things like that. I might also buy books because I LOVE reading. I would also like to go to the UK sometime, even though I am a vegetarian, and they probably don’t have too much food for me. Oh well. I’d also like to go to, well, pretty much all of Europe.

  9. Makayla

    I would:
    donate money to charity
    go see jb in concert
    go see 1 direction in concert
    i would by a bunch of horses
    i would donate money to my favorite horse farm

  10. jason

    First i would give 10,000 dollars to my church and charity.
    Second i would give 7,000 to my family.
    third i would by a mustang as well with two other cars and buy a mansion.

  11. i rock

    i would donate some to charity put some in stocks some in bank account and keep a little to buy extra items with

  12. jawstrong3

    1.I would use it to help take care of all the pets I own(Food for all those critters ain’t cheap!)
    2.Buy lots and lots of BOOKS!!
    3.Give some to my sister
    4.Donate to CAP or the SPCA
    5.Buy that purse I’ve had my eye on 4ever
    6.Get sock monkey monkey stuff for my collection

  13. Fairyemerald31

    Well I would do a few things:
    1. Donate some money to a charity
    2. Buy a plane ticket to Washington D.C.
    3. Renovate my room [like add a curtain around my bed]
    4. Give money to my sister since she will love to buy clothes with it
    5. With the leftovers, I’ll buy BOOKS!!!!!!!!
    Awesome writing prompt, WhiteBlack7!

  14. pandablue153

    i would help charity buy some clothes for myself help my family and everything i could until i run out og money