May 7, 2012

Holiday Writing Prompt

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Writing_prompt_holidayWriting Prompt: Make Your Own Holiday

May 8 is No Socks Day! You celebrate by taking off your socks and letting your feet feel free (after school, of course). I don’t know when this random holiday was invented or why, but it got me thinking. . .

If you could create your own holiday, what would it be?

I would invent Chocolate Chip Cookie Day which you celebrate by baking chocolate chip cookies and giving them out to all your friends. Obviously, they do the same, so you get piles and piles of home-made chocolate chip cookies that day!

What would YOUR holiday be? Tell us in the Comments.

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  1. camelotgirl

    My holiday is National Book Day! There’s no school, and everyone get’s free books that are signed by the authors, and all your library fines are paid off!!!!!!!!! You also get coupons for coffee shops and bookstores! It would be EPIC!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Horsecheery11

    I’d create horsey day. Everybody can buy rent a horse for a whole year, and ride it anytime! The next year, theny rent a different horse! How cool is that!?

  3. AmazingAthena69

    My holiday would be Time Travel day, where everyone would go back into a day of their lives that they would like to change, and they could!

  4. madison

    OK my holiday would be ginger bread day you made ginger bread and then you would have a food fight

  5. madison

    I would make a holiday called cookies and cream you would have to make homemade cookies with cream and you would give it to people who don’t have anything to eat then the left overs you have a cookies and cream food fight

  6. dolphinbrain37

    My holiday would be everything is free day where everywhere and everything is free that would be awesome.

  7. tricksurgeon1

    My holiday would be Write On Your Opposite Hand Day. Like if you are right handed, you write with your left.

  8. werewolfcat5

    I would make Go Green Day! Everyone in scool or anywhere around the world would go outside and clean up outside!

  9. Julia

    Acting day! everyone would put on a show for each other!
    (look at my profile and you’ll see y I chose this)


    I would make kids day because all kids should have a day meant for them.But I still think you should celebrate your birthday.Only because it is celebrating the date of your birth.

  11. blackbutterfly301

    cool there is now a such thing as no socks day.i should post this on my page.p.s super cool.

  12. monkeystrawberry2

    I have a good writing prompt. if you can be an animal. what would it be? I would be a platypus

  13. Isla Silvercresent

    maybe something like health day where there are different exercise opportunities. I would probably run a marathon or play badminton all day!

  14. Anna B

    My holiday would a week you could go to amusement park for free. All over the U.S. kids and families could relax and have a day or two to have some fun. Of course, drinks, food, and apparel & toys would be included in the free week package, only tickets. If my holiday was chosen, I would make sure everybody could have a chance to enjoy Free Park Week!

  15. J

    i would have a no night time so kids can stay up all night and play xbox live or so kids can play outside

  16. Anna

    The power of wisdom and magic, like Athena. Wisdom and magic help in many ways.Magic protects you, while wisdom guides you.

  17. Festivellama3

    I would make a day called Chocolate Day since I’m a chocoholic. Everyone would give all their friends a pound of chocolate. It’d be on my birthday. Kinda like trick-or-treating, but instead of candy, chocolate.
    Awesome, right?!?

  18. happypsyched6

    I would have a day were you would have a day were you do what you want bring in what you want. I would do a show a tell or like have a day at school were you have just recess all day long!

  19. Luna

    Worldwide Fairies Day! Everyone would be required to do fairy-related stuff (including dancing) ALL DAY!

  20. dolphinbrain37

    If i could make my own holiday it would be give everyone a present day it would be equal because everyone would get a present from someone you dont know them better and make friends that is the holiday i would create if I were to make my own holiday.