May 28, 2012

Writing Prompt: Fly OR Become an Animal?

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Writing_prompt_rainbow_penWriting Prompt: Fly OR Become an Animal?

Life is all about choices. Will I bring peanut butter or turkey in my lunch? Do I choose the minty toothpaste or the blue gel toothpaste? Well this week’s Write On Writing Prompt from PuffinEagle3 presents us with another difficult choice:

Would you rather be able to fly or become an animal??

That’s a tough one! Can I choose to be a bird so I can do both, or is that not allowed? I wonder what most people would choose. Let PuffinEagle3 and the rest of us know what YOU would choose in the Comments below.

— Ratha, STACKS Writer

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  1. amberhorse112

    I would be a person who could fly because animals don’t have the same intellect as humans, and it would also be weird because they don’t have a conscience. Also, I read Maximum Ride series, and all of those kids seemed pretty cool. I’d love to be in their “flock!” So I’d be a kid who could fly.
    I addition to that, humans live longer – around 75 years – and no animals lie nearly as long except tortoises, and I’m not keen on becoming a tortoise. They are too slow for my taste, though they are good animals.

  2. dolphinbrain37

    I think i would rather be able to fly because if iwere to be an animal i would be hunted and still if i chose to fly i would still get hunted but you could fly away.

  3. BlueButterfly1039

    Neither because if I could fly people would do science experiments on me and if I were a bird I would be hunted

  4. K

    Um I would like to fly. We could save gas and we could go whenever. We would become more green and we would breath better.

  5. pandaplum1

    hmmmmmm….hmmm…….[5 min later] hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. well… FLY!!!!!!that way i can get to school faster. also i would look awesom!!!

  6. computingangry3


  7. athenaseeker1

    I would choose to be a bird (if it is allowed). I would be a hawk because they are very majestic. If I couldn’t choose a bird, I would be a shark because they can swim and are safe from predators.

  8. crazycobra9

    I would rather be an animal,because a lot of them have tough lives.I’m the biggest animal lover EVER(I’m a vegetarian,and I volunteer at the Humane Society!:D),so I’d like to see what it’s like,for all the poor cows,and other animals that the majority of people eat.And for all the abused animals.It sounds weird,to want to see what such a hard life is like,because mine is awesome,but whatevs. :D

  9. werewolfcat5

    I would want to be an animal.I always wanted to be one.I don’t really care if I get hunted beause it would be very cool to experience life as an animal.

  10. Isla Silvercresent

    I think i’d rather fly because, i mean, YOUR FLYING! u could be totally FREE! and somethings about animals are gross, like the eating off of the ground and having to live a life of hint or be hunted…so ya, i don’t think i would be a good animal lol

  11. JoJo

    Probably an animal because you could turn into an animal that can fly, hop, or curl up instead of flying. Maybe somebody wants to be an animal that hops…… :D

  12. drawingdragon38

    A Dragon I Think Because It’s Counted As A Animal Right!(: Well A Dragon Because They Get To Be On Land And Sky.They Have Big Cool Wing’s And They Have Magical Powers! xD